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If you have a blog,webshop, boutique anything fashion related etc, and you'd like help to promote? I am pleased to announce that I am open to help advertise your products, services where they will be tried, tested, reviewed, pictured and blogged about. With pictures and links to your store/webshop/business -

I have saw before about bloggers and youtubers being offered travel experiences, where they review the experience and show the readers what they have done; I'm up for all that, I love traveling! So any of this from travel related business, please contact me.

                 Blog + Blog Collaborations

FFH has a world wide audience, page views are very high and are still climbing. FFH has been up for about 2 years now I think, but it's been on a break for a couple of months due to family things (my dad broke his neck and my mum got cancer, but they're both fine now!) etc, and I didn't have enough time to blog. Any way, if you have a blog that is anything to do with nail art, fashion, celeb fashion, one direction, shoes, accessories, anything like that and you'd like to collaborate, please follow me on twitter and tweet me or email me and we can think of something. You could have your blog widget on ffh homepage linked to your site, in exchange for mine being on yours, you could write a post or something on here to get the readers to know you. I don't care where in the world you are from, if you would like to collaborate then get in touch and we can see about working together.

Product Reviews & Features - nail stuff, makeup, hair stuff etc

I do product reviews & features. This can be a great way to get your product seen by lots of people, with a link to your webshop and twitter. Reviews are always 100% honest & completely my own opinion, if the item you send has a flaw, I also will point it out. With nail stuff, I will photograph the nail products, and paint my nails with it, and maybe do some nail art tutorial with it so the viewers can get the look. Any products used in my nail art tutorials on my channel are listed in the video description too. Similar goes for makeup and hair products, I will photograph them,  give my opinion etc.

Clothing, Jewellery, hair accessories etc

I will photograph your products and photograph in them too. I will post them on the blog with links to your web store and twitter, along with some information. What I like about it and your store, other bits I like etc. This can be done once, or as many times as you like. I have been asked how much I charge multiple times, and the answer - I don't ask for money, if you just send a product(s) that I can photograph etc and that will go on the blog. I will tweet about you, tweet you the blog etc, so all the blogs viewers can read the post and go to your store.

I do modelling and catwalking so I often take things like a selection of my own shoes there, of course I have lots of shoes from companies that I often take along so its a great opportunity :)


If you would like to collaborate and donate something for a competition on here please follow get in touch with ideas. your website will be linked to comps, its good promotion for both sides. This could work by posting it on my blog, and also tweeting to our followers to follow both accounts & the blog to be entered into the draw. We pick a winner, one gets a prize :)

Your WebStore Widget on homepage

The widgets on the homepage are available for long term collaborations. This is usually by me receiving products on a regular basis (can be once a month, every other month, whatever suits you) and either blogging about them or if you just want the widget that is also available. However short term product collabs can also be arranged, where your widget is up for a certain length of time if your not up for a long term collaboration :)

I don't care where in the world you are from we can collaborate and I would love to blog about you and help promote you. (America does have some sort of import fees on their postage to the UK though) Infact I love travelling so being able to collaborate with businesses and people around the world is amazing. Please get in touch if you are interested in collaborating with this blog FFH. 


I do not ask for money/payment the moment! so hurry while I don't, it's great promotion :) In return for promoting you, usually it works by arranging product samples, so I can keep my blog running :) simple.

If I am being sent any products etc, please give email me a brief idea of when they will arrive so I can make sure someone is in to get them. Also, please include a business card or leaflets, I use them in the photo's and I often get asked where I have got the products from so I can hand them your card :)

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*** You do not have permission to copy, use or take any photos from this blog without my permission***
**Contact me for permission**
*If the post is about your business that you want, please contact me and I will allow you to use the photos from here*

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