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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Andrew Barton blonde hair products review

So yesterday was my last day of college and its now my summer holidays until the 10th of September, WOO! :D That means I can get into some more photo shoots and catwalks and do more blogging! :) If any business wants any products reviewing please checkout the Advertising and collaborations page, or if you would like me to try and get your clothes/accessories into a proper photo shoot I'm in please get in touch too.

When I was at college the other week, I came home to a parcel waiting for me :)
I opened it up and I had been sent some products from Andrew Barton's Ultimate Blonde range,

the twice a week brightening shampoo
I was sent this bottle plus the moisture rich re-hydrating shampoo which I will do a separate post about, as I tested them separately.
So to start with I wasn't quite sure what the difference was between the two shampoos and I didn't no which one to try first. I read the back and it say's use this one twice a week and if more washes are needed then use the moisture rich re-hydrating shampoo for that. 

I don't dye my hair and I never have. I once had highlights for my prom a few years ago, but that's it. To keep my hair a little lighter I had been using the John Freida blonde shampoo/conditioner range - has no peroxide etc in it, its natural and activated with heat. Like Sun In Spray I guess, but I have never tried that.
I love that range, its natural and doesn't contain dye... However I was getting split ends, weak, dry hair. I don't no if this is directly from the John Freida range but I kept using it because I like it. Any way, I thought I would use this Andrew Barton twice a week brightening shampoo first, then use the John Freida range too. 

Just after the first wash my hair was so soft! the split ends seems to repair, my fringe which is usually the worst part was so much softer too. I have been using this for a bit to test it properly, see the results etc and feed them back to you. I have been going to college, people have been round to the house and so many have asked me if I have dyed my hair, the answer 'NO' :D
I told them all about the Andrew Barton I've been testing and they and I are amazed with the results.

Another thing is that the shampoo smells soo good! I love using products in my hair and on my skin that have a strong scent and smells nice. This shampoo smells of oranges, maybe mixed citrus fruits, and when washed out and dried you can still smell it. I have found myself sat there in lesson smelling my hair O.o Other people have told me how nice my hair smells too so its definitely noticeable.

The back of the bottle says:
'I know blondes have 3 hair wishes... Ultra shine, great condition and long lasting colour. My Ultimate Blonde Range contains silk protein, sunflower seed and white willow, and is a favorite with my blonde celebrity clients, like them you'll love it.'

How to use:
Massage into wet hair, then rinse and repeat. For added brightness leave on hair for 3 minutes before rinsing. Only use twice a week, switch to The Ultimate Blonde Moisture Rich Re-hydrating shampoo if further shampooing it required.

The lid is simple and easy to use. Push one side to open, push the other to close. That means no messing around with fiddly caps or spilling your shampoo.

You can purchase these products from ASDA and I highly recommend them to you if you are blonde. If youre not blonde, I have more reviews on Andrew Barton coming up so please join this blog (under the followers tab on right hand-side of the blog) 

Have you tied any Andrew Barton products? What do you think of the bottle? Do you like scented hair products?

Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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