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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Wanna look Stud-ning?! studs, (studded clothes and shoes and how to wear them)

Wanna Look Stud-ning?!

So, I'm pretty sure you'e seen celebs wearing studs in papers, catwalks, just all the time! Now not only are they popular with celebs, the high street have introduced studs and spikes into their clothing lines. Studs and spikes are simple, but can totally transform your look. You can get studs and spikes in all different colours and sizes on clothing, if you like the trend but don't wan't to go to far then you can settle fr the little ones. But if your brave, don't hold yourself back! The great hing about this trend is that you don't have to pay a fortune to keep up, theres something for everybody and can be worn in so many different ways - Take a look ->

Feminin studs
Take the Versace ss12 collection, Versace works the gold studs on white material for a feminin and light aproach with the trend. Studs use to be for rock stars, and now they are for everybody. Below are some fab finds I've found where you can get this look for a lot less money.

 Above is a model wearing an outfit from Versace's collection and it looks amazing! Well I found this outfit that is shockingly similar, from Thats £84.99 for the top and the skirt!

Above is a very similar dress to the original Versace dress on the catwalk, and it's only £29.99 from misguided - . Even celebs have been caught wearing this exact same dress! Perfect for a fancy meal, party date or anytime you want look stud-ning. Th

This dress is from Lipsy, although it's a completely different colour, it's had it's own take on the stud look and still has features of the Versace collection dress I showed at the top. The V neck and the slit on the back of the dress aswell as the capped shoulders makes this dress stand out, although it's not a white dess, it's still a light shade and works well with the feminin approach.

The Rock chick

Rihanna is always striking trends, and she pulls off this one perfectly. Silver studs on denim is a classic rock look. Ive found some good buys for this one too!

Heres some studed jackets ->

Yes this jacket is a bit pricey... but just look at it! Its a really nice style and the black colour give it that 'edy' look. The sholders are a bit square and covered in spikes and studs why just look amazing. Found these on 

Heres a denim jacket, it's not too over the top and it goes for the 'pretty rock' look. The gold studs give a subtle effect to th jacket, the rolled up sleeves are a perfect finishing touch. This jacket is from Topshop and is £45

   I jut love this short sleeved studded jacket!! Ive got to get one myself! This is again a 'pretty rock' look. The white jacket with silver studs mean that they don't stand out too much but the sparkle is just gorge. This jacket is from Topshop too for £55.

If you would like go at studding your own jackets then check out these two videos, the doesn't belong to me. I found them on youtue and thought they was easy so folow o linked them up.

Just some other nice studded and spiked items I wanted to share:

This dress you can find on Banks website, I think this dress is really nice and the cut outs on both sides - well im not exactly a fan of being revealing... but actually they are okay. the top half of the dress is decorated with gold studs to give it that edge and it works well. You can get this dress from the bank website -  for £70.

This is a cute studded dress from Lipsy and it's £60. This dress also has cutouts that are small and on the waiste, which are small and shows of a bit of skin! but not too much aha! The studs on the top half of the dress drape down from the neck line as if it's a stud necklace and it's just a really pretty effect. I would so wear this dress

I'm sure you've all seen Rhianna in shorts like these?! Who wears short shorts.. sorry couldn't help it :) These shorts are rather short, and are alsmost covered in small studs. The frayed edges give these a more edgy look. I think these are great for the summer and festivals too. If you like these thn you can get them from River island for £40

These shoes are gorge! A mix of studs, spikes and diamonds makes these shoes perfect for going out. boot shoes usualy mean that the leg will be cut short unesasarily. But these boot shoes have a lower front so that the legs keep their length making you look fab! If you love these shoesies you can get them from -  for £61. They are a bit pricey, but this is one pair of shoes that you can wear over and over and over to glam up any outfit! I know I'de be walking round like "KAPOW LOOK AT THE SHOES!"

(Left) These shoes are a well nice colour of leapord print alone and the studs make them even better. Must make sure you don't kick nobody though... I can imagine these being a nasty weapon! These shoes are suppose to be £65 and are on sale for £40 so go and bag a bargin! You can get them from - River Island
(Right) These shoes are the same stud  design as the leones on the left, but these have a crazy aztec print, unfortunatly these arn't on sale too so they are £65 from River Island too.

These skinny jeans are a really nice design. The black stripe down the side with a layer of gold studs almoste elongate the legs (Mine would probably look long long) But they are just well nice. If you like these, you can get tem from - for £32.99


Paris Hilton is showing you how to stud-up a simple look and easily. A simple studded belt is an effective way of making a plain outfit edgy ora little bit more fancy. You can get studded belts from no end of shops and online shops, really most clothing and accessory shops sell them.

Heres another way of studding-up an outfit... A CHAIN OF STUDS. genius. These chains are basically just covered on studs and excess small chains they are cerlainatly an eye catcher! These can be worn with almoste any outfit to give an edgy look or added to your stud outfit, they work. They are only £9.99!
The wrist cuff is also covered in studs and is edgy but cute and its only £9.99
All of these jewellery items are from -

I know this was quite a long post.. But I had so many good finds for a range of prices =D anyway g2g now. But if you like my posts and blog, please subscribe, comment and share it on twitter :)


  1. Just so everybody knows, Ive bought a well nice dress like the black one by missguided but mines neon baby blue :)

  2. i love studs and spikes they look great on everything shoes, jackets :)

  3. anon 4th july - Aha I know right?! they go with almoste anything :)


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