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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Highstreet Look-out (Amy Willerton)

Highstreet Look-out (Amy Willerton)

 Amy Willerton won Signed by Katie price in 2011 (I knew she would) and since she has 'unsigned'? and gone on to do more, she's amazing, I wouldn't mind owning her wardrobe! :)

Amy was wearing these shoe boots by sparkle away boutique - and they are £60 ;)
the next pair on the right... well they aren't highstreet but they are amazing... I could help but including these too :) They may be out of your price range at a whopping £450! but they are nice! :D they're from ginny brooks - 

If you want to follow Amy on twitter you can find her here, and she follows me back and has tweeted me :)


P.S Amy if you ever don't want those shoes.. I'm always here *hint hint* ;)


  1. Brilliant (:

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