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Friday, 8 June 2012

Splash in style!

Splash in style!

So recently I've been quite ill and unable to blog *sad face* and I've had requests to help people find that perfect look for summer.. So this morning I set my self a time limit of 12pm to have this post uploaded by. So I've been online searching for loads of great swimwear that I can post on here. Keep a look out on my next posts too, because I'm going to have you discount codes and offers you can use to get your summer look!

So there's many different styles of swimwear, I mean bikini's come in all different styles and shapes, theres monokini's, swimming costumes and tankini's and so much more. So I've seperated all of the types to make it easier! :)

Bra bikinis

 The bra shaped bikinis are probably my favourite type of bikini, theyre more secure and you don't need a huge bust to keep them up! I think all of these are nice for summer, and if you've got a nice tan, get the white bikini on! The white will make your skin look gorge!

Bandau Bikinis

 These bandau bikinis are all perfect for summer. My favourite would be the orange
 one from River Island, I love bright colours and it would be well nice in the sunshine! Again if you've got a nice tan, get the white bandau bikini on or the pastel pink bikini would work too because it will contrast with the skin.





Tulisa's triangle bikini

 I love this bikini top, it sparkles under the sun and is perfect for the beach as Tulisa shows. It doesn't come with the bottoms, but your can pair the top with some plan purple ones which would complete the look.

Swimming costume

 Okay, so swimming costomes tend to be for people who don't like baring too much. Or just because you like them. I'm not really one for swimming costumes as they're usually boring, but these ones. Well. *cough cough* Are an acception I have to say! :)
Swimming costumes don't need to be boring, my favourite out of all of these would probably  be the red swimskirtsuit from next.


Not quite a bikini or costume, the monokini is a bit.. strange. But I do like them! The one from Miss Selfridge is a weird shape - and I like weird. Infact I don't think I have ever saw anybody in one like that 0,0


I was looking for tankini's and began to run out of time so I only found two, both are really nice. The purple tankini has adjustable straps too.

Oh and don't forget your sunglases!

Got to go FashionFix Hunters, going to get some food I'm starving! hope you liked the swimwear and this blog :) Please comments, share, and follow me on twitter - @sammigirl1994 - if you have anything you want me to blog about, let me no! :))


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