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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Block Colour skinny Jeans

 Block Colour Skinny Jeans 

A trend I'm loving at the moment is block coloured jeans. Not for the weak hearted though! I love bright colours and  this is one way of wearing them.
Kylie in the yellow skinnies are my fave, I've so got to get a pair! If your not quite that daring then you coloured go for a lemon shade which also looks cool amazing. Then Cheryl Cole wears green skinnies and she looks good, again if your not that daring then you could go for a mint pair. Kim Kardashion is sporting royal blue skinnies, and I love that shade too! If you love this trend too, then check out these fab finds ->

New Look - £16.99

 These yellow skinnies from New Look are great for the summer, and the price tag is unbelievable right?!

New Look - £16.99

 These dark green skinnies are a great price from new look too.

ASOS - £32.00

I found these on and the light mint shade is perfect for those wanting to join in the trend but not brave enough to sport the bright green ones, the price is good too

Block coloured jeans look good with a plain top or blouse and a blazer or denim jacket. Don't be afraid to wear to much denim because it looks good! Especially yellow skinnies with a light blue denim jacket.

Got to go now!
The FashionFix Hunter has got some research to do, I think studs will be the next topic, ohhh got some proper good buys to show you all.


  1. Hi FFH's! if you like the blogs I post then please can you share it on your twitter accounts?:) also if you have a trend you'de like me to investigate then please tell me about it on my twitter account - @sammigirl194 or comment on my blog! :)


  2. OMG i searched forever for a lemon colored yellow jeans i love them!! can i purchase online ?

  3. anon 4th july - Yeah you can get them on New Look website and also in store :)


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