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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Nail art gradient nails - inspired by Malibu - LA Colours

LA Colours

So I was given a range of LA Colours nail varnish to play around with and post pics on my blog about them. I've created quite a few looks, but since its almost summer holidays (which need to come quicker!) I decided to do first inspired By malibu! :) I have my Video recorder on the way in the post, so soon I will be able to show you how to do nail art with a video :D

There are so many celebs right now that are sporting amazing nail art, and if you wanna learn how to get that look.. Then you've come to the right place!

So heres a picture of a beach in Malibu with the sun setting, it looks gorgeous! Can't wait for my holiday! :D
 I was given a wide range of colours, but these are the ones I used:

They are really nice colours, they have nail hardening in them, and they're also chip resistant! But the 'shock' colour is actually more yellow than that blob, it bright yellow actually...

Here's a picture of everything I used to create the look

Red - LA Colours
yellow - LA Colours
orange (Atomic) - Nails inc
black - ebay
maximum growth & hardener (i use for basecoat) - Sally Hanson
Top coat - LA Colours
foundation sponge - can get from most supermarkets and beauty stores
fine brush - ebay
wooden stick - from a nail kit

How to do it:
(this will be a video when my camcorder gets here)
1. Paint all nails with the maximum growth and wait to dry.
2. Paint all of the nails yellow and wait to dry.
3. use the sponge to dab the orange from the bottom of the nail to the middle, allow to dry.
4. use the same sponge to dab the red from the bottom of the nail to 1/4 up, allow to dry.
5. use the black polish and the paint brush to draw a plam tree on the left of the nail.

The Final Look

 So above is me sporting the finished Malibu gradient palm tree nails, and I really like them! the colours are bright and they arn't fading like some varnishes do. they have that glossy look - which makes them hard to photo as they're just so shiny! so if you like these colours then head on over to and get yours now! :)

If you like this kind of nail art then subscribe, follow, comment, follow me on twitter (@sammigirl1994). And if you are stuck on what to paint on your nails or you want me to paint some for you to copy, then tweet me and your wish may just be granted!



  1. Wow I tried that. Absolutely love it!

  2. they look great but sadly i can't do such things :D but they're awesome ^^

  3. Woooo I totally love it!
    I wish I had enough patience to do it! :P

    -Iria xx

    1. Thanks Iria! :) and practice makes perfect :D

  4. wow!amazing!xx

  5. anon 7th july -aha thank you :)

    anon 4th july - il be posting more nail art that you may be able to do! just practice :)


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