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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Heel-less platforms from

It some sort of adventure to walk in heel-less platforms, but this new unconventional way to wear heels is all in the talk! We have seen loads of celebrities hit the red carpet looking like they're walking on air, now we are seeing them hit the street. I'm not really sure what people call these shoes, Ive searched the internet and found people saying 'heelless shoes' 'hoof shoes' 'platforms' 'gravity defying heels' and so on, I'm just going to call them platforms - since they don't have the heel.

Lady GaGa wearing some studded arch platforms, I'm not so keen on this pair but she wears so many, as we all know shes had quite a few falls but she sure does rock her shoes!

Lady Gaga in platforms for a photo shoot.

Nicole Scherzinger wore Giuseppe Zanotti Platforms

Lucy Hale wore Giuseppe Zanotti Platforms at the Teen Choice Awards

Nicki Minaj wore some amazing, sparkly Platforms for her perfume ads.

Kerry Hilson in Giuseppe Zanotte

I don't like Victoria Justice's dress but her Giuseppe Zanotte platforms are nice!

The evolution of these heels has come so far it's erased the actual heel all together, making it seem impossible to walk in. When infact it's pretty simple! Stars like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham and Nicki Minaj have been seen wearing these shoes and walking fine like they're in trainers. I've shown my friends these heels and they think they wouldn't be able to walk in them, I think that if you can walk in high heels, you've got a pretty good chance of walking fine in this style. As for one of my friends.. She thought she should try on some plain high heels in New Look's changing rooms. I could tell she couldn't walk in heels at all, then she only went and fell, went flying past the curtains and into the mirror! The girls in the other changing rooms came out to see what had happened since she fell with such a bang!... She will never live that down ;) If your like her, and not good at walking in heels, I'd suggest you practice in normal heels before you jump into a pair of these platforms.

The heels above are from Sky Scraper Heels - They are now in collaboration with ffh too! :D
These shoes are from their 'gaga' range, they are available in a sliver sparkly colour, black suede, nude suede, leopard suede and red suede. 
I didn't no which pair to pick from this range as they are all amazing, so I ended up going for a sparkly pair ;D They are 6'2 inch high with spike detail running down the back of the heel, I think that's the perfect finishing touch.

Now as many people have said they look impossible to walk in. They're not. I don't have much space in my room to show you properly either so below I've just filmed a quick thing below of them in a very small space! Notice I don't fall once! I've tried to show the shoes from different angles so you can see what they're like.
You can get these heels here for £24.99
Here is Sky Scraper Heels Twitter

What do you think of these heels from Sky Scraper Heels? Have you tried walking in this style of shoe? Have you got a pair?

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