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Friday, 1 November 2013

Rock Your face off popin charm!... PLUS Win a charm of your choice!

Heyyy! this post was suppose to be up the other day, but I must have forgot to click publish :S so I'm sending it out now! I have been looking into bringing you lot something new, like special effects makeup, I've been fascinated with YouTube 'How To's' and I've had a go myself and been teaching myself, I'm going to do some wicked tutorials and looks for you :DD
Also, Next week I am off on a business and tourism trip to London, so I won't be blogging next week I don't think... I will try and get some photos to share with you all though! I have to dress all smart and everything :P Going to see a show too, I'll have to wack on some heels so the other girls aren't nearly as tall as me while if I had flats on. (They are like a few inches smaller than me when they have high heels on) Now I just have to pick which heels to wear...
Anyway!... This parcel was sent to me gift wrapped in golden paper and a smaller parcel inside. I think it's perfect to give to someone just as it is, I mean it all wrapped up for you and saves you the trouble of wrapping it yourself. Or if it is for yourself, it's nice to unwrap because it looks so nice!.. Get yourself something nice from Popin Charms! ;)
The popin looks like this, but smaller. Some people assume that these are just for iphones... WRONG! You can use them on any phone with any 3.5mm headphone jacks, that's a lot of phones, laptops, tablets/ipads, mp3 players, ds, psp's etc

Here is my popin charm, I love this popin, its covered in high grade crystals which catch the light beautifully and it sparkles away. It was Halloween here in the UK last night, it's Halloween in some parts of the world now, and bonfire night is coming up! What better that to Rock Your Face Off this time of year
Or if your getting your Christmas presents now, a popin charm would be perfect for you family and friends! Popin-Charms have a lovely collection of charms to choose from, cute, punky, dangle, character, sparkly, you name it!

You can get this charm here for 9.90
Here is Popin Charms twitter

If you would like the chance to win a popin charm of your choice...
You can enter to win one here as ffh has teamed up with PopinCharms to bring you a prize to win! They can be used on any phones with the headphone socket, not just iPhones! they can also be used on laptops, mp3players etc, win it for you or for a friend!

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