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Sunday, 12 January 2014

bobble hat, bobble bobble bobble hat

Heyallll! Hope your all okay :D I was back at college last week after the Christmas holidays, Guess what?! It was like the first time I haven't been told off on the Tuesday >.< ... Instead another girl got told off and she ended up walking out and going home, If only I lived near college I could do that when the teacher won't leave me alone ;) Oh and I said to one of my friends that a guy in the cafeteria has nice hair, that's all I said! Then she said when we was going up to class that she thinks he's in the class a couple of doors down. Only he was stood outside our class looking out the window on his phone. Then the rest of the girls decided to be stupid when we was in class, they ran out and asked him what his name was. Then staring at him through the glass on the door... He ended up sticking his head through into the class and asked if he was in trouble?! And then all the girls started being even more stupid. Like what the hell, I simply said he had nice hair and they all start being goons. Thanks -.- That was the first embarrassing thing that happened when I was back at college, I seem to be prone to being clumsy, doing stupid things and being embarrassed -.-

Well I will get onto the post now instead of babbling on..

BritFash is a new online destination for established and also emerging British fashion brands. is an online marketplace who searches for and supports quality British designers and brands, so the customers can discover the latest designs, emerging trends and high-quality British products whilst also giving a platform to some of the countries most talented brands and designers. Their goal is to establish the most well curated, eclectic and quirky collection of luxury clothing and accessories whilst keeping quality British design at it’s heart. searches the country to bring you the best of British fashion and design. All of their brands have been handpicked by their skilful curators allowing you, the customer, to interact with some of Britain’s most talented and dedicated designers. Our quality checks ensure that you will always receive nothing but the best in British design and innovation.

I received this Laguna purple bobble hat from BritFash...
The hat was a little different to how I imagined it to be... On the website the hat looks quite big and it wasn't actually that big - which is a good thing! I noticed the quality of the hat straight away. 
I mean if I compare this to a standard bobble hat I had like the one below

This bobble hat looks nice, but the wool is pretty hard and not as flexible. The hat is very thin so its not the best protection from the harsh winters! I had resulted in not wearing knitted hats because I find them itchy (this was was particularly itchy).

Whereas the Laguna purple bobble hat is super soft, made from laguna yarn with cable detailing. I added a picture to the collage above of a closeup of the hat - 
The hat has been finished off with the Stone Union Logo at the front.

The spotlights in my room are a little bright but there is the hat on. I love it! But I decided to give this to M as shes has chemotherapy and now radiotherapy so obviously she has lost her hair and this is a great gift for her as it's so soft and everything she would really appreciate it (M say's thank you to BritFash too) :) If I was going to wear a bobble hat, I would wear this one! 
BritFash stock these in a range of colours like: Black, white, blue, berry, grey and oatmeal.

You can get this hat here for £49.99 now £24.99
If you are in Britain then the worst of winter has yet to come, hurry up and get an amazing quality hat that will actually keep you warm!

What do you think of the hat? Do you like it?

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Samantha - @sammigirl1994


  1. Love beanie hats you look pretty with it on.

  2. Lovely beanie!!!
    kiss Giuly

  3. I love the beanie! The color is so fun!!

  4. Nice colors.

  5. Wow so nice and beautiful blog! Do u wanna follow each other ? If yes , just follow me and I will follow u back as soon as it possible ;*

    1. thankyouu! :) If you want to follow each other, join my blog under the followers tab and let me no, I will deffo follow you back :)

  6. Awww so cute purple beanie *-* Love it!


  7. Such a cute beanie, love seeing them on other people just not on myself, don't really know why aha
    But it looks amazing on you x

    1. It is. and im the same, I gave it to M because shes finshed her chemo and now onto radio. thankyouu :)
      keep in touch :)

  8. So much cute beanies!

  9. Lovely hats!

  10. cute beanie

  11. such a beautiful color!

  12. looks cool and warm!

  13. Lovely beannies :)


  14. they are so pretty !!!


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