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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Your gonna' hear me Roaaaaaar!

Heyy! Hope your all well! I don't usually put a post up on Wednesday's as I'm usually at college but I didn't go today as I had a job interview. Oh my god. I get sooo nervous for interviews it's unbelievable! On the way there I felt sick one minute and my head was hurting the next and then when I was in the interview I felt so lightheaded! I actually don't no why though, because I catwalk in front of audiences, and interviews are just me and them? Oh well :s

Ive had lots of exciting parcels I will be posting about so keep an eye out! One of them was this...
Can you guess what it is? :D 
The clue is in the title...
Well, it's from Mr.GUGU & Miss GO.
I came across this clothing company on the internet and was very intrigued as they sell many unique products that I hadn't saw before.
'So… Mr. Gugu makes you a dream candidate for the future we dream about. He makes you the cutest child of the age to come. And Miss. Go rules over him just as every beautiful woman rules over her brilliant husband. They both will show you what is worth wearing not only today, and not only tonight, but tomorrow and the age after tomorrow.'
The times have changed, we've often rewound the clock since our grandparents got a shock when they listened to the rock. In olden days a glimpse of inscription on a t-shirt was looked on as something shocking; but now, it seems, anything goes. Designers no now that only using the simplest ideas can make you look stupidly the same. 'The world has gone mad today, and good is bad today, and black is white today, and day is night today.' Personally I think the designs are so crazy, they're cool.

The material on the product is quite thin but very strong and flexible. 

Did you guess it right? They are Lion Leggings! :D
Now I hate disco pants, when I see girls in them I think they look a little horsey -.- 
And I'd saw printed leggings on the internet or on shop shelves and just thought, 'they are well weird'. Like I saw a blue pair with silver chains printed all over them, but then I saw them on my friend and I thought they were actually really nice! :) Then I thought I would try out some printed leggings, I am a fan of animal prints etc so I picked the lion pair. When I took them out of the bag, again I was a little stunned because they are so in your face. 

I went and tried them on and I really really like them! Behold, the full length sparrow legs...
I paired the leggings with some black wedge trainers with a faux fur trim. The leggings have so much going on, I think they look best with minimal detail else where, like black shoes and a plain top. I also have a lion bracelet from that goes nicely with these! You can see it here.
I also got some of these Mr GUGU & Miss GO badges :D

If you like these leggings, you can get them here for only 29Euros

What do you think of these leggings? Have you got a pair like these? Would you wear them?


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Samantha - @sammigirl1994


  1. I hope you get the job the tight are pretty.

    1. thankss :) I had to go back yesterday and I got the job :D they are :)

  2. I like them! <3

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog sweetie! Let's stay in touch! <3

    New Blog Post: How To Achieve All Your New Year’s Resolutions

    1. thanks :)
      your welcome! yes keep in touch, if youd like to follow each others blog with gfc let me no :)

  3. These are the funkiest leggings that I have ever seen!!
    Your nails are also amazing!

    New follower on GFC xx

    1. They are pretty cool! :)

      Thank you for joining my blog! I will head over to yours now and follow yours back :D

      thanks again :)

    2. ... I'm really sorry, I am struggling to find where to follow your blog.
      please could you let me no and I will do it :) x

  4. The leggins have awesome print. :)
    Thanks for your comment.

  5. So incredible!!!
    kiss Giuly

  6. Incredibles leggins!! Xx

    New post:

  7. what a great pant on your leggins!

  8. great print i meant. lol i´m so silly sorry

    1. aha I figured you mean that :P ... thankyouuu! :)

  9. Your legs are to die for! Cute outfit too :)

    1. thanks ahaha, it's just hard to find clothes long enough! :P
      thankyouuu! :)

  10. Good luck with the competition! Love the leggings so funky!

    much love xxx

  11. Very unique and interesting leggings. You are rocking them.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Let me know if you want to follow each other to stay in touch.

    2. your welcome :) If you want to follow each other, join my blog under the followers tab and let me no, I will deffo follow you back :)

  12. perfecto combo!

  13. wow! love them :)

  14. wow love those leggings, so unique! definitely a statement piece!!!

    love your blog, followed you :)

    1. Thankyouu! :) they are definitely a statement piece!
      thankyou for following my blog, I will head over to yours now and follow yours in return :)

  15. pretty tights !!!

  16. Waauw. You are a real fashionista. I would not dear to buy those leggings. Bravo girl. They look incredible on you.

    1. thakyouu!:) I was pretty unsure before they arrived but once they was on I thought.. I've worn stranger things than this ahaha >.<
      Thankyouu :)


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