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Saturday, 15 February 2014

you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl!

Hiii! So I'm trying to get the blog back on track, what with me starting at my new job and aiming for a distinction at college. Its half term holidays now though :D ... still gotta work a couple days but oh welllllll O.o But my mum said shell take me to the shops so I can spend my first months wages when I get them >.< I'm going to get a phone on contract - mine is literally ready to retire, I've dropped it sooo many times yet the screen has never cracked, the sound is fine... But the camera has fell off?! whut?! and it keeps ringing people too, like ill be at college talking then go to check the time on my phone to see its been on call for like 5 minutes -.- #embarrassing so yeahh it needs replacing now ahaha. I want to get my parents a little present too, or take them out for a meal or something :)

I was going to write this post tomorrow but I'm going to be busy then so I'm writing it now before I go off to bed. I think from now on I will be blogging at weekends, or maybe Tuesday afternoons but don't worry I wont stop blogging :D

Country Girl is a brand that I had been interested in for quite some time now, at college everyone is from towns or cities and they say I'm a country girl because I live in a teeny weeny village in the countryside. Well 'you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl' . There are lots of products I love the look of on this site from hoodys to t-shirts to personalized apparel and they all have a 'country' theme running through them. Country Girl is now a sponsor / collaboration of FashionFixHunter's - as you can see their widget on the blogs side bar :)

I received some products from Country Girl, including this perfume. I am one for fancy bottles, and the boxes too, often not wanting to throw the boxes away! The bottle is heart shaped with golden writing on and rose tinted liquid. Its just a really simple but pretty bottle. The perfume it's self isn't my usual go to - I usually opt for fruity, sweet perfumes. This one however is quite subtle, just enough scent to be noticeable but not to much to be all up in everyone's nose holes!

Here is the parcel and what came in it, I'm going to save a couple of things for another post :)

I got a pink hoody with angel wings on the back, believe me I am stocking up on my hoodys! It is sooo cold! The hoody is super soft, it has a double sided pocket on the front to keep your hands nice and warm >.< I love angel/ kind of spiritual things so when I saw this hoody, I loved it! :) The wings are printed on the back, but they do similar angel wing products where the wings are covered in rhinestones etc.

If you like the look of the perfume you can get it here for $45.95 now $19.95!

I have tried to find the link for this exact hoody on the site but struggling to do so, but there is one in black here, for $36.95. I will post the pink ones link if I manage to find it :)

Country Girls Website
Country Girls Twitter

Do you like this hoody? Do you have anything from Country Girl? What do you think of the Country Girl products?


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