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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Mehron and Sarah G cosmetics makeup look!

guess what?! I made dinner today for my family... yes that's a big deal because I can't cook, but I can cook some Italian dishes so that's what I did :) I can bake pretty good too so I did a rocky road cake for dessert #yummy :) I don't think i poisoned anyone either so its all good, accept for burning my finger - which ive got in a glass of icy water as I'm writing this post!! :P

Just a quick update too... I didn't win the 'box of omg competition' but I got messaged from them saying it was a close one though, which makes me feel a little better I guess ahaha. I will be entering again though when I get he next box so please help me out again, I'm very grateful to each and every one of you who 'liked, shared and commented' the the video entry! :D

To the post! I have created this eye makeup look which I think is pretty simple and easy for you all to do. I've done a picture tutorial for now but I will be filming tutorials too which I will upload to my youtube channel. I have a few nail art tutorials already up and I'll also be doing special effects ones so if any of that sounds good to you, please subscribe to it :)

This is a combination of Mehron's velvety smooth E.Y.E powder eye shadows and Cheek powders. They never cake or crease! They blend really nicely and super evenly so you can create dynamic eyes and vibrant cheeks goon enough for the red carpet, on screen and stage - these products are actually used for that so you know that if this stuff is worn by people who are super concious of their looks, they can't have it fading, creasing or looking cakey, then you will look amazing too! This product came with a brush which I love because it's so soft and flexible. I got this from Treasure house of makeup.

This is the Precious Jewels eye palette from Sarah G, it has a mix of rich jewel colours which are super blendable and pigmented. You could wear a single colour or create your own look! It came with a tool which has a brush one end and a smudger on the other so basically you have everything you need to use this pallet!

I started off by using the lightest shade from Mehron's eye/cheek pallet and I brushed that across the whole of the eyelid. I then used the white from the Beauties Factory pallet to apply to the inner part of the eye and a little underneath - this also helps your eyes look more awake! Then I used the purple shade from Sarah G and applied to the crease, then applying a thin line under the eye with the blue from Sarah G pallet too. I din't apply too much of any of these products I wanted to add a more glamorous look with some more products without looking caked in makeup.

I struggle to use the brush which comes with the eyeliners so I used the one above and dabbed a little of eyeliner fluid onto it. I applied that above and into my lash-line, following my bottom eye line up to do the 'wing', I didn't want that to be too dramatic so I didn't bring the 'wing' out to far. I then used a Mehron Kohl eye liner to line the water line. I got out my Precious Gems powders (which I love!), applied the Opal one to the inner corner of my eye to the center - it has a lovely sparkle, but not too much. Then I applied the Amethyst shade into the crease and towards the wing and blended it in. Finishing off the look with Max Factor WILD MEGA VOLUME mascara.

I now aplologize as my camera battery died so I had to switch to using my iPod camera
I did this look right before going to bed so I only had enough time to do one eye ahaha! However I think you can see how much bigger this eye makeup look makes your eyes look! It's nothing too dark and it's super easy to do! :D

If you want to get any of the products from above you can get them here:
Beauties Factory eye pallet - £25.99 (comes with pieces leopard brush set)
Mehron's precious gems powders - £6.85 each. (previous review here)
Each product I listed I really like, they are all long lasting, bright and pigmented colours which can be used to create endless makeup looks. :)

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I could have pulled a pretty face but ohh well :P Oh and if you like the lip colour it's a Mehron one from TreasureHouseOfMakeup :)

Do you have any of these products? What do you think of this makeup look? Do you like this makeup?
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Samantha - @sammigirl1994


  1. That's great you came close to winning you should join again great makeup tutorial. Enjoy your day.

    1. I know right!.. but kind of disappointing too :/ hopefully I will next time :)
      thankyou! :)

  2. Wonderful post. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  3. Veri great tutorial and products!


    1. thankyou! and the products are amazing quality! :)

  4. Great tutorial, dear! Thanks for your visit!
    Oriana xxx

  5. Really pretty. I love Mehron products.

  6. Haven't used any of these products but they sure look great!!

    xx Mira

    1. they are definitely worth trying out, they all last a long time and are amazing quality! and thankyouu :)

  7. loooooooooooooove that!

  8. Lovely palette!


  9. Love the colours of the palette!!!


  10. nice colors!

  11. Ahh sorry about your burnt finger! Hahahaha and glad you didn't poison anyone ;)

    Great makeup technique! xx

    New follower xx

  12. Love this look! Your eyes look amazing!

    Tsui @ Fashion Ganache.

  13. nice colors, love all of them :)


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