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Monday, 24 March 2014

Gorgeous Swarovski elements!

Hiiii! Sorry for the delay in posts! Been super busy O.o
I'm heading for a distinction star in my coursework although im pooing my pants for the practical... where I have to act as a transfer rep and do a big speech and role play in front of the class and teachers... (just a little secret - I stutter, forget what to say then laugh my head off and usually end up facing the wall doing a presentation).. Yet I can catwalk in front of many people :s I guess its because I don't have to speak there, I usually get told to zip it... :P

I went on a business trip last week to an airport for a conference and to meet different departments and see some of the equipment they use. I wore a red dress with a loose blazer over the top and black tights. If your from England, we all know its been pretty windy! That dress went straight up to my armpits while I was at the bus stop! D: I practically ran from the bus station to college attempting to hold my dress down. -.-
(sorry for the bad quality image, i didn't use my good camera)

Below is a picture of the a piece of security equipment airports use:
I don't no if 'scanner' was suppose to be spelled as 'scanna' but moving on....

we also had a really nice day out at center parcs with my family and cousins
we went bowling, then off to the boathouse and I asked for 'the two canoe things joint together', they knew what I meant ahaha :D When I was trying to get into it I stepped back and stepped in a deep puddle thing that someone had dug right near the the lake -.- resulting in me emptying my shoes on the boat, we didn't no how to go forwards or turn. It would be safe to say people found it very funny, I mean is is that funny seeing someone empty all the water of their shoes? Okay maybe it is ;) it was probably like watching an episode of Chuckle Brothers or something! Then we walked up to the foresters in and had dinner, went back to the boat house and me and my cousin got a pedalo :) Then we went to the swimming pool, must be just my luck I got squashed between a few 'very large' hairy men on the rapids -.-  I couldn't breath and had to get out for a while. 

So this post is mainly about a piece of jewellery I was sent, I chose this one because its so simple and most of my jewellery is weird, in your face or really big. So I picked something minimal but beautiful and eye catching.
The item came really nicely gift wrapped - this is perfect if your looking for a present for that special someone, whatever the occasion! Inside is a black leather looking box with a plain card sleeve. the pendant is wrapped in black tissue paper to prevent it getting damaged in the post.

This is not my usual jewellery as I said before, but when it comes to dressing up I don't no what jewellery to wear so this will definitely come in handy! 
The necklace pendant can be easily worked into daytime outfits, evening and occasions but this piece really sets it apart from others. This has a beautiful glow  from the unique yellow diamond tone Swarovski Crystal Element. It has a big Swarovski yellow diamond tone crystal element which is circled by a 14 carat gold plated ring which has 30 white diamond tone Preciosa Czech crystal elements! Each of these has been hand set in a single course. The chain is also very pretty, I haven't had one with that sort of chain before, its very thin and sparkles with a lovely glow.
- free delivery world wide
- arrives to you in presentation box and gift wrapped

You can get this necklace here for £22!

What do you think of this jewellery? Would you wear it? Think its even great for mothers day?

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Samantha - @sammigirl1994


  1. Cute outfit and necklace.

  2. wow that is such a pretty necklace..i love it!! good choice.. :) i am now following you on GFC :)

    1. it really is :) could i just ask what name you joined my blog with? I will follow you right back :)

  3. Hi lovely,
    I totally love these pictures!!Very inspirational
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  4. Nice post!
    kiss Giulia

  5. Really amazing necklace! I'm soooo jealous *o*

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    Have a nice day!

  6. Wow that red dress looks marvelous and I love the necklace too! Wish you good luck with your presentation!!

    xx Mira

  7. Thanks for coming on my blog. This necklace is just so pretty and elegant :)
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  8. Beautiful necklace!! =)
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  9. Such a pretty necklace!! I love it!

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  11. Nice post!

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  12. Really beautiful, ready to Valentine's Day, going to buy copies of jewelry for my girlfriend, give her a surprise, she is more like swarovski elements, but the style is too much, I do not know to pick that paragraph, you give points.


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