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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Aces Laces #1

Hii! sorry ive not posted for a week or so, I've been so ill! Literally only got out of bed to go to the toilet or to get a drink for about 4 days! missed 2 days at college and a day at work... Now my dads ill! -.-
As you may no already, I did enter the competition to win the ipad mini last month and did pretty well and suppose to be entering this month too... But I'm SO impatient D: it hasnt come yet and the competition closes at the end of the month and I can't enter until my box arrives; so yeah ... Come onnnn box!!! Get your giddy up! :D
So got some catching up to do ahaha

I was sent a little package from Aces Laces 

containing 3 packets which were opaque and had surprise shoelace designs in. Aces Laces have series of shoes laces which people order and have no idea what design they have until they open them
The idea of the packets being opaque is that people collect, swap and share them. You could use them in your shoes, football boots, ice skates, I have friends that turn them into bracelets etc.

I opened the first packet to find a white sparkly pair, these are super cute! I'm not sure whether to put them on a pair of my boots, or even my new pair of sparkly converse shoe things - because... A girl can never have too much sparkles ;P I saw these shoes on sale and I thought they looked weird, took a closer look and though I'd actually wear them in the summer :D

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Have you seen these products before? what do you think of this pair? would you wear them?

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Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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