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Monday, 16 June 2014

Waterproof makeup testing!

I have been back at college this week which has been surprisingly good, ive not got long left at college now so im going to put a lot of time back into my work to try and get the distinction :) it will be a bit hard as ive lost weeks while ive been ill but im sure if I stop getting so easily distracted I can get my head down and the work done.

I have saw so many people posting asking what drugstore makeup is good for summer, swimming, tough against humidity and wont budge easily. So ive took it upon myself to dive into this one. 

Before I even start to review these products, I am not saying you need a face full of makeup to go swimming or on holiday, nor that you need any - but people are asking so I am answering.
(before eliminations)

So today at lunch break I went into town I got a couple more 'drugstore' makeup items for summer that claim to have good waterproof and tough ability to not budge. I had done some research into waterproof makeup, watched tutorials etc and I went out and got a couple of things a few weeks back - to cut a long story short I wasn't happy with them. Possibly this is because other people put the makeup on and then simply dipped it in water... what happens when your splashing around in water and the makeup gets a bit bashed around? 

I had previously bought  a few Rimmel London Skandal'eyes eyeshadow sticks. Now these products say on the 24hr and waterproof. 
From that i expected them to not budge. Boy was I wrong! I went swimming with some friends and the black and the white smudged all over, I wasn't wearing much but I wanted to review some waterproof makeup as ive saw many people asking about the best ones. The product gives a nice high-shine luminous finish, the sticks are smooth... In my opinion the sticks were too soft, even after waiting 10 minutes, if you wipe your finger over it the product will slide.

I have tried technic aquamax, the product is a nice natural mascara which adds volume, length and darkens the lashes without clumping. I can wear this one on a daily basis as I like the natural look. However, when I went swimming it just ran off. The other day at work it was raining, like proper slinging it down and once again off the mascara went. Obviously I don't wear this mascara for its 'waterproof powers' as I've yet to see them, I just wear it as a normal mascara. I was very disappointed with that product overall. However I wouldn't say the brand is bad, I have many nail varnishes from technic - they're great for nail art too! I just don't like this product as it doesn't do 'what it says on the tin'.

Today I went into superdrugs and was going to buy more scandaleyes eye-shadows in other colours and give them a go. 
Then I came across the Collection range of products and saw that they also have eye shadow sticks which also say waterproof. So I put back the scandaleyes and got two of these so I could test and compare. 
I've come home and put some on my hand, instantly I could tell the difference between these and the scandaleyes. These ones don't look wet and give a more natural look and are super bendable; the pencil its self isn't as soft and breakable. These collection ones dry super quick, I then tried rubbing them - they wouldn't budge. Ran them under the tap - still didn't budge. I think these eye-shadows are great waterproof eye makeup. As you can see in the video clip above, the two scandaleyes smudge and slide all over with not much pressure whereas the collection ones stay put - To test how strong they are for when water bashes at them, I'm a rough swimmer haha) They are in natural shades too so you can look pretty and natural this summer :)

The next thing is eye liner, I had read that gel liners are the best products for being waterproof. So had bought Rimmel London gel liner, I did basic winged eyes and then went swimming (the same occasion as the Rimmel London scandaleyes eye shadows) however I was really happy with this product. It did fade a little but that wasn't a problem. This product says it's 24 hour wear, no smudging smearing or flaking and is also a waterproof formula. I usually use liquid formulas so this took a bit of practicing.

I also purchased the Rimmel London volume x10 waterproof mascara which was good for volume and length, this product stayed on nicely. No running, no smudging and no bits falling onto my cheeks or anything.

I bought this Collection 2000 a while ago and opened it recently. This is good for length and colour, I don't particularly think the volume was anything much but it looks more natural which is the look I prefer. I went swimming in this and it did loose its length a little but didn't run or smudge.

I don't have bad skin I general so I don't cover my face in foundation, I put a little under my eyes and on my nose to even out the skin tone. Personally I think sun cream on my face is more important to have on my face than foundation when I'm on holiday, although the foundation I use is SPF 15 i think. I have saw foundation on the internet during my research, however if your on holiday its best to let your skin breathe. I could be wrong but I imagine they would be very thick etc and not good for your skin. I had read that cream foundations are best if you find it necessary to wear it. Obviously matt foundations are probably not the best option as they wont be matt once they're wet. For that reason I don't use powder to set the foundation under my eyes, my skin is not oily so my foundation doesn't shine.

A good cream foundation that I love is one by Mehron which is the Celebre pallete. This contains the most popular shades of the Pro HD in a lightweight pallete. I use the lightest shade for highlights and one of the medium tones for contouring, I find that these stay on when I go swimming without streaking. They are very thick creams so I only use a little amount, I can use the highlighting shade daily, however I tend to use a powder for contouring (quicker) unless swimming then I use this but I love love love this pallete!

This final product isn't a waterproof one however it's great for summer and also something I got for FREE! Superdrugs had/has an offer on where if you spend... I think it was £3.99 you get a limited edition Mardi Gras lip balm for free. It smells of strawberry sooo good! I had picked one of the up to buy, then browsing I saw there was an offer to get it for free so even better :)

The finalists:

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