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Thursday, 29 May 2014

getting beady with it

Hope your all good! :) I am slowly recovering a little every day... Although still not managed to not fall asleep in the daytime yet. I'm going to go into work tomorrow I think, hopefully it won't be too much for me or it'll be a long day! :s

This post was planned to be up weeks ago but with all of the complications all posts had to be postponed so many apologies for that, and near future posts may be slow too (read the previous post for more info)

Back to the post! Summer is almost here and the weather is warming up. This year I'm really into the boho styles in general; hair styles, clothing, jewellery etc. Personally I think beads, feathers and things like that are a total match for this trend and also the season. Whenever I go on holiday I wear beads, even if its a beaded anklet - I'm a sucker for anklets too I have sterling silvers, handmade, beaded, chains... I like them ;P

This piece came in a sealed plastic with the babi-online card inside too. The packaging is pretty simple, which totally works!

This is a close up of the piece, the bracelet is made from brown and purple wood and silver beads.

Above is me wearing the bracelet.. I'm still ill and have like, black eyes so I cut them off ahaha

I really like this bracelet, it's adjustable too so it fits my tiny wrists :)
The bracelet is bang on trend, I mean literally all the clothes shops I've been in lately has some beaut ranges of clothes, shoes, jewellery and bikinis and accessories *swoooon*

If you like this bracelet you can get it here for £5.00
Babi-Online is currently one of FashionFixHunter's collabs so you will be seeing more from them! :)

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Samantha - @sammigirl1994


  1. Hope you better doll I know how you feel today is a big slow motion for me awesome images like the bracelet. Here is my link beautify11jackie follow I will follow back.

  2. Great post :)

  3. Hope you are doing better now sweetie! Very nice bracelet!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Keep in touch!

    Lady Trends NEW POST!!

  4. I love your bracelet, it's pretty! :)


  5. those bags at the top are so gorgeous and totally my style - love them!!!!
    Hope you're feeling better honey, come back soon xxx

  6. wonderful post dear :)


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