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Monday, 27 August 2012

Back from my holidays! :'(

Hi everybody! :D I havn't posted for about two weeks as I've just got back from Turkey... So sad :( I want to live there its the best country I've ever been to! It was amazing, maybe a bit to hot at times but thats what the pools there for :P Ill show you a few picture from my holiday because im nice :)

This was the view from the balcony, and there was a dolphin pen that we could see from our window. Looks amazing doesn't it?! Although I did prefer the pool to the sea, I thought I'd like all the fish swimming around me, turns out I didn't one bit!... One bit my knee cap! and it actually hurt a little D:
We went on a scuba diving boat one day but I didn't dive, I just went snorkeling. Which was quite scary because the fish were even bigger and circling around my feet. I was scared I was going to get eaten by a shark too, even though everybody said there are no sharks in Turkey? Here is something you will probably laugh at me for... I was to scared to swim away from the boat, so I stayed near it. Then some woman went and jumped in right behind me and just caught my leg... I was screaming shark and I was just about crying! Only to turn round and see a woman, who did say sorry but it was well embarrassing! Below is a picture of me snorkeling, without a snorkle. Them things arn't cool dude. 
So heres the last picture of me, my friend I made there and her little sister on our last day in Turkey    :( Anyway the dress im wearing has no back, just two cross over straps and the dress is embellished really nicely. I look really tall on this photo too. I'm tall and my friend was small so I look very very tall :s
Turkey was definetly the best country ever, and I am so going to go back like every year! Oh and thank you all for using FFH! The viewings are shooting up loads! its amazing how well FFH is doing and it's not even been running for long I'm going to be walking in another fashion show in september, thinking of sharing some photos on here? anybody want to see them when I've done it? :D

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