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Monday, 27 August 2012

Two Crafty Unicorns - Hello Kitty nails

To be honest, I wasn't a fan of false nails, I think I've only ever wore one pair from Claires years ago for a wedding, but they didn't look real enough for me. And my nails don't tend to fit false nails either. If you've saw my previous nail art posts, you would no that I like to paint my own nails with strange, bright and unique designs. However as FFH is now in collaboration with Two Crafty Unicorns I obviously had to  test them, photo them and blog about them. I was slightly worried about glueing them to my nails as removal can damage your nail, or leave them feeling bumpy.  

Anyway, the little parcel arrived to my door and I love packaging (if its nice obviously), first impressions ALWAYS count! Here is what it looked like
Pretty cute right?! It comes with extra nails, so you can find ones that fit too. The little tube of glue came with the nails so I could apply them :)

My nails are quite long, and I didn't want to file them down so I kept the false nails long too.; but you can file yours down if you have short nails or if you just don't like long false nails. I was shocked by how real they looked! They are painted with OPI nail varnish, have little white spots on and a little hello kitty on each nail and then sealed so the polish doesn't crack. Even though I don't like other people painting my nails, and I only do my own... I was impressed! I didn't wear them on my holiday as I had painted Union Jacks on mine and rainbow tiger print on my thumb nails. But I would have wore them then, because I loved them! Obviosly going in the pool and sea most of the day every day may have damaged them too, so I have kept them and I can use them again because I didn't loose any :D    

The nails came off nicely, not leaving any marks on my nails. But if you did happen to get lumps of glue remaining on your nails you can just use remover to get that off. Maybe a coat of nail strengthener afterwards - I have weak nails so I keep them as strong and healthy as I can :)

Here is a close up of one of the nails 

What do you think of these false nails? would you wear them? :)


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