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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Kerrys jewelley - bracelets

Kerry's Jewellery have sent me along another little parcel. And I love Kerry's Jewellery parcels because they are always presented so nicely and it makes the suprise more exciting. I mean the picture below is the gift boxes before I opened them. They are perfect, and greatfor christmas presents! ;)

Here I just opened up the boxes to find some beautful bracelets inside, on a soft base that keeps the jewellery safe

I have once again removed my stacks of jewelley so I can show you Kerry's Jewellery. The bracelets have , pink and silver beads clear crackle effect beads, blue crystals and a big crystal mirror bead. They are perfect for the winter fashion, and great for christmas presents!!

I absoutely love these bracelets, the beads are like little beads of ice... Pretty cool :P They are great on theirn,or yocan stack them, which is what I tend to do all the time. I don't like my wrist to be bare :s these are totally being aded to the stacks aeady o my wrist, epecially over Christmas :) 

You can use Kerry's Jewellery's widget portal at the side of the blog, or you can use this link -

Which bracelet s your favourite, pink or the blue? please leave a comment, subscribe, share the blog and... I may be looking for somebody to help out with the blog, where you can do some posts on anything fashion / celebrity / gossip / nail / hair relaed really. S if your interested please make you are following/subscribed tohe blog and following me on twitter - @sammigirl994 :)


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