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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Doll London Hoody

Sorry I han't blogged in a few weeks, I have been looking after a family member and busy at college. But the viewers are still shoouting up, so thank you all!... Well, when I got home from college, I found a parcel waiting for me. So I opened it up and there was my Doll London hoody! And I couldn't wait to try it on.

Anyway, I put the hoody on and it's so soft! It has a big pocket on the stomach which has a cutout where you can thread your headphone wires through and put your music player/phone safely in your pocket. You may have had a hoody with the headphone cutout before... But I haven't and I thought it's pretty cool :)

There is meabove wearing the hoody. I can't believe how soft it is! and because it's so cold now I can wear it with nearly any outfit for college, and it looks really nice with a body warmer... Mines pink :)

I have wore this hoody to college, and to catwalks in the dressing room. Because it's so comfy and I can wear my faux fur jacket underneath to keep me warm. Lots of people was asking where its from, and they really like it too. So if you want one, Doll London's website is not running yet; so you can use their facebook page here - As you know Christmas is comming up very fast, so you can get these as presents, thy're the perfect gift for a cold winter.

Let me now what you think of this hoody in the commets below, or tweet me on twitter - @sammigirl1994 :) got to go now,

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