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Friday, 7 September 2012

Kerrys jewellery - review and photos

I recieved a parcel from Kerrys Jewellery when I got back from my holidays, which was a nice surprise! Any way I opened it up and heres what was inside...
There were lots of these cute little gift bags and I got really excited, if anybody loves jewellery.. It's me. I mean I wear bracelets and bandshalf way up my arm! I have no idea why I do it, but hey. Some girls love shoes and bags, and I love my jewellery! :)
Anyway, I have removed my jewellery and I'm ready to test out Kerrys Jewellery 
Below is the bracelets I got from them, you could wear them all seperately but they look great all together! I've had some bracelets before (not cheap ones) and the elestic in them was really thin, literally like stretchy cotton. But these bracelets all have a thicker elasticand I doubt they will end up snapping! I was trying to think which one is my favourite, but I can't choose. The first bracelet (butterfly one) has these beads that are half blue/orange and that's a cool effect, I think it's like day and night. The four bracelets at the bottom all sparkle when the light hits them. The second to bottom, has a buttery charm on it too, and gems which I love :)
So I'vc not long been back from Turkey, and UEngland is really depressing - there's no sun, no swimming pool, no sea, it's too cold, I miss my friends and the food! I could keep listing reasons, but I'm wearing my sunglasses and pretending it's sunny :) Anyway in the picture is a necklace with matching turcoise beads to the bracelet. I think it's a great necklace to take on holiday, as its got pearly shells on it which I love to wear when I'm on holiday. It has elastic holding it together so it's stretchy...   
Beacause it has elastic holding it together, you can wrap it around your wrist to create a layered bracelet. I wouldn't usually do this becasue each layer is usually the same, and that's to plain for me. But because this necklace has a range of beads, shells and gems, it creates a really nice bracelt that is different on every layer. 
My camera is running out of power now with all the photo's I have taken today ahaa :) I managed to get one photo before it turned off and it will take ages to charge up now.. But here is another necklace (apologies for the manky lipstick stained wood, my sister got makeup all over the dressing table!) I love this necklace, it has cute little charms scattered around like boat wheels, butterflies, I'm going to say the other one is an anchor?... Well it goes with the theme, so it can be an anchor :) You can't wrap this one round your wrist as it has metal wire holding it together, but its a great necklace! :)
If you like any of this jewellery please go to Kerry's jewellery shop - click on the link, or use their widget portal down the side of the blog. Which piece of jewellery is your favourite? Anyway got to go now, very busy :)

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