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Friday, 21 September 2012

Quirky jewellery from HoobyNooWorld

I think it's safe to say Cher Lloyd is the queen of quirky jewellery! I love quirky jewellery, but some might think she's a bit crazy? I don't :) Anyway the reason why I'm talking about Cher Lloyd is because I recieved a necklace from  HoobyNooWorld and the first thing I knew this was her style.

Below on the left is the cute little parcel that came in the post, the necklace is wrapped in tissue paper and nice and bright ribbon which is perfect for their products - And also makes a great gift!  On the right is the charm on the necklace, it actually came with a profile card which was quite fun to read.. I'd like to introduce you to Isobella the Ice Cream ;)

I know winter is comming up, but honestly I'm still stuck in the summer mood! I can't wait to go back to turkey next year, and this is so going in my suitcase! This year I took so much jewellery and bracelets, I decided to wear it all on the journey to save weight and space... I had never been on a plane before, and so I had to take all the jewellery off just so they could put it through a scanner thing?! It took ages to put it all back on again!!.. But I am going to do that again next year, because I will have more jewellery to take :D
If your going to a sunny country and want to embrace it, get Isobella! :) Or maybe you want to warm up your winter? There's a really cool ice lolly one too. HoobyNooWorld have lots of quirky jewellery you can buy, just visit their website - What do you think of quirky jewellery, and do you like Isobella?


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