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Friday, 7 September 2012

two crafty unicorns - lip balm

I was sent this little lip balm from Two Crafty Unicorns it's nice and little and it's perfect to heep in your bag for whenever! It had a little orrange ribbon tied on top, which makes it more fancy and it would be a good gift (you can get them in packs of 12). You can get them in packs, different colours and flavours. This one is called Orange Tint..

Some balms can leave your lips feeling greesy or sticky, but the Orange Tint leaves them smooth and not to shiny with a slight colour. It has teeny weeny glitter/sparkles in so you don't get an over glossy look, you get a bit of sparkle. As you can see below:

what do you think of the balms? Please go check out Cfafty Unicorns website - they also sell hand painted false nails, which I have done a post about a set of those too. If you havn't already, there is a competition running to win a pack of strawberry curls! All you have to do is follow/join this blog (you can log in with your twitter so I can find you easier) and follow me on twitter then you're entered! :)
Please go follow Crafty Unicorns and me on Twitter.


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