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Monday, 18 November 2013

BB Couture nail varnish, nail art

Hii! Hope your all okay! It's nearly Christmas, and I have some Christmas posts coming up on the run up. Its getting quite busy :)
Who has been watched 'I'm a Celebrity get me out of here' last night? I can't believe the men crying and in Joeys case screaming, could you call that screaming when he parachuted from the helicopter? Oh! and when he said  'I'm not a confrontational person. I'll only confrontate them if they start on me.' That is all I've heard on the news and shows today :/ I mean I thought that is a word? I don't really nno many of the people on the show, but I want Amy Willerton to win! 
Back to the topic... I was sent some nail varnishes from BB Couture. I have used two of them in this nail art look. If you have saw the galaxy fashion trend, you can imagine the sort of look were going for.

I used a range of nail brands, 'tech'nic', 'Nails Inc' 'LA Colours' and the main ones were the BB Couture - the reason I decided to do this look.

These are two of the nail varnishes from BB Couture. BB Couture wanted a healthier nail polish so they skipped the formaldehyde skipped the toluene and of course we skipped the DBP. They then added extra pigment for more vibrant colors; they added base coat, strengtheners and top coat. 
I wasn't sure how this works, how can you apply a base coat when your not applying it to the base but with the varnish? I'm still not sure now. However I have tried these on their own, I have quite brittle, bendy nails so polish can flick off when my nails bend unless they are strong enough.
These varnish didn't flick off, chip or peel so I'm really happy with these!

The pink varnish is 'We love the ta tas'. The purple says 'naughty navigator' on the bottle but on the website that name is grey.. I think this one is actually 'Manipulative Martin' You can copy/paste those onto their website and you will find them :)
These nail varnishes cost $10.95 USD - They ship international, but if by chance they can't ship to you they will return your money and recommend another company that will ship BB Couture products to you. I'm from the UK and they delivered to me :)

I used these 1.5mm rhinestones from MoYouLondon which cost only £2.99! These are very versatile so you can use them to add detail to your current nail art, you could try the Japanese nail art (I think I'm going to give that a go) - you will need a range of rhinestone shapes and acrylic details too. 

The picture above is my nails and the look I created. The galaxy nails are quite effective, as you can do so many different designs with the same colours, you could use more orange on one, more dark colours on another, you just have to experiment to get a look you like. 
I thought these BB Couture nail varnishes were perfect for this look, the 'Manipulative Martin' varnish is especially good as it adds some sparkle along with a silvery purple tint, this can be blended with so many other colours on the nails with this look to create different shades etc.
 I will be doing a tutorial  for this nail art look and uploading it to this blog so watch out! 
You might want to join this blog - under the followers tab on the right near the top to be notified when I do the tutorial for you.

Do you like this nail art look? Have you tried the galaxy nail art before? What do you think of the BB Couture varnishes? 

Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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