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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Knuckle Duster Mug and gift ideas #blogmas

So Christmas is coming up, so us bloggers are getting pretty... blogmasy. I have been contacted by quite a few companies wanting to collaborate as Christmas is coming up, and what a perfect time. I mean I'm sure some of you out there have no idea what to get people for Christmas? Maybe you are doing 'Secret Santa' at your school/college/workplace? Don't no what to get for the person who you pulled out? Well ffh is collaborating with IWOOT (I Want One Of Those) and I have got a gift which I will show you below from them. I am also going to pick out some other gift ideas for you so read on...

The cup above is the 'Knuckle Duster Mug' I was sent from 'IWOOT'. It says Over-sized on the website and box, but when I opened up the box I was a bit shocked. I didn't expect it to be that over-sized ahaa! If you love tea/coffee this mug would be perfect for you! 
I love the handle design, I've never saw one like it... You can look tough drinking tea ;)
I have photographed the mug against my tea mug so you can see the size difference, this mug is quite the whopper as I'm sure you can see! 
You can get this mug here from I Want One Of Those for £10.99
'IWOOT' also do free international delivery on orders over £10, perfect for your Christmas shopping orders!

So below I'm going to put some random item ideas I have picked out from 'IWOOT' 

Chocolate flowerscan't pick between chocolates and flowers as a gift? Maybe the 'Grow Your Own Chocolate Flowers' is what you need! These scented flower seeds will grow into delightful chocolate scented flowers! -£9.99
Chocolate FondueGreat for parties, the Treat bowl Chocolate Fondue Set in pink is perfect for dipping fruits, marshmallows, bread and vegetables into. It's pink and for melted chocolate, what more can you want?! -£12.99
Cookie usb Cup WarmerCold tea no more, keep your cuppa hot by putting it on the USB powered Cup Warmer... Unless your like me and don't like your tea hot. -£9.99
Sweet SensorGet sweets on demand as the Treatball dispenses them for you at the touch of a hand. A sensor on the machine releases a handful of treats giving you a steady supply of delicious, little delights... I think I would end up lying underneath this and the sensor would pour the sweets straight into my mouth! -£13.99
Read My Lips MarkerShaped as a pink lipstick, the beauty themed marker writes as liquid chalk which can be wiped off easily. A great alternative to a memo board, use the pen on almost any smooth surface like a mirror and be safe in the knowledge that it's not permanent! - £6.49
Zip EarphonesNobody likes the mental challenge that is untangling headphones, so put a stop to those annoying knots with these Zip Earphones. Whenever you're not listening to your tunes, simply zip them up to avoid a mangled mess of wires in your bag or pocket. -£8.99
Princess MugThis stylish mug is perfect for the pampered princess.-£10 (2 for £12 on this and selected mugs)
Fame & Fortune Womens Jade Neon WelliesBring out the princess in you with these gorgeous women's neon wellies, high gloss finish, perfect for any pink loving girl! -£9.99
View Flash Drive - Assortment, 4gb's of memory and a lot of fashionable charms to go with it! - £7.99 or '3 for £20'
Kiss me quick stampSeal it with a kiss and leave the recipient of your amorous signature swooning with desire! Shaped as a set of pouting lips, the fun stamp adds an instant romantic and flirty sentiment. Whether stamping on a note or a Valentine's letter as a secret admirer, the Kiss Me Quick Stamp will leave a warm and fuzzy feeling with whoever receives it. -£5.00
Lazy ReadersThe lazy person’s ultimate accessory! Read in bed while lying flat: the glasses’ specially mirrored lenses project the text from the book in your lap to your line of vision even though you’re facing the ceiling!
View Flash Drive - Love, unique and fashionable way to transport your files. Encased inside the handcrafted charm is a USB 4gb capacity flash drive -£7.99 or '3 for £20'
Spy PenIf Bond had this gadget I don't think it'd be far from his grasp, sitting casually in his jacket pocket ready to whip out whenever the situation required it. Records both visual and audio - £24.99

When I'm buying for people, I tend to go for something random. You can be pretty sure they won't have been bought two for Christmas! IWOOT do a nice selection of random products for yourself or for your friends/family at a range of prices!
What random things have you bought your friends? What do you think of 'IWOOT'?

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