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Friday, 29 November 2013

Pink Nail art using BB Couture varnish

Hii! I've just got back from having my flu jab... I hateee jabs so my arm is like proper hurting. Playing it cool though, wouldn't want everyone to no I was wimpy ;P
Who watched the 1Dday? In England it was on from 7pm until 2am in the morning and I was trying to watch it, but my dad thought it was funny to keep shouting me to go to him, then say 'what you doing?' as if he never shouted me -.- I ended up going to bed at 12am, so I missed the last two hours of the 7 hour live stream, for anyone who actually managed, you should get a medal! I mean my bum had gone soooo numb it felt like I didn't even have one anymore! Went straight to sleep I did! Oh and anyone who follows me on twitter.. I apologize for all the #1DDayLive #GetInvolved tweets :o

Anyway, I'm back at college tomorrow so I thought I'd get on here and put a post up for you. I went through town after college last week and picked up some acrylic paint so I could attempt to paint my owl (I draw a picture, it looks okay until I paint it so I definitely need to practice!). I also got a paint pallet thingy. I have been looking into getting acrylic nail paint to do my nail art with to, but yesterday I saw a post on another blog about using the standard acrylic paint on your nails. Obviously you'd need to use a basecoat or it would stain them. So I thought heyy, what's there to loose, I'll try out this paint I got the other day.

 I used BB Couture in 'Snow Bunny' which you can get here for $10.99 - They ship worldwide, I'm in England and I got them :)
I also used 'Diamond Dust' from BB Couture, you can get that here for $10.95. This varnish has sheer gold and green iridescent glitter to add that sparkle or the finishing touch to your nail art.
I love these varnishes, they are really good quality! They are all named something fun, they can be a little transparent but two coats is enough to be opaque. I like varnishes that are a little transparent sometimes as that means you could have something less bright or buildable depending on what shade you like. These varnishes also have the base coat, top coat and the colour all in one! However when doing nail art, I'd still use a clear top coat, to seal in the nail art paint and details you've added.
The nail art brush is double ended - brush one end and dotting tool the other end. This brush is from Avon, it's good, although I think I will buy more elsewhere soo I can do even smaller designs. Avon only had the one size or I could have bought more from them.

T create this look, I did two coats of BB Couture Snow Bunny, waited for that to dry. I then added a coat of Diamond Dust, because this nail art is a little simple for me to wear, I like my nails to be like BAM and just lots of small detail. But I'm trying out some new methods - I've mastered the marbling technique, I've used nail art pen things, which I though I should now move on to brush's which I'm finding a little hard to use my left hand to do my right as I tend to add to much pressure.
I then squeezed out a little of the acrylic paint and used my brush to start making lines across my nails. I find using the acrylic paint much better than using nail art pen applicators, or using a brush dipped in nail varnish as those can go a little stringy if I don't work fast enough and find myself wasting quite a bit of varnish because it starts to set before I've finished. Also, with the acrylic paint, you can clearly see when its dry as it goes dull and looks dry - instead of poking at varnish testing if its dry. Obviously because of that, you have to apply a top coat, to stop it cracking and it also puts the shine back into the paint.

Above is my finished nail art. I will be getting a tripod, so I will be going through my nail art and starting up full tutorials for you to watch. If that is something you are interested in then please join this blog (under the followers tab on the right hand side of the page near the top) and also my YouTube pages channel 1 and channel 2. I will be uploading nail art to one of them and special effects makeup to the other... OOPS! SPOILERR ALERTTT! yes!.. I may as well tell you now :s
 I have some collaborations coming up  with special effects companies, I'll be creating special effects that you can do at home! I will be blogging the looks and also posting tutorials on YouTube and some extras on here too. So make sure you subscribe to both as I don't no which channel I will use for which yet but best subscribe to both then ;)

If you haven't already, please do join this blog (under the followers tab on the right hand side near the top) to be kept up to date with future posts, to be able to enter competitions - you have to be a member of this blog to enter to win goodies!

What do you think of this nail art look? Have you tried it at home - if you have you could tweet me photos? Do you own any BB Couture varnishes? I don't no what to call this nail art look, got any ideas for the title of this blog? - comment them below or tweet me :D

Samantha - @sammigirl1994


  1. Wow! I love the colours and the way you layered the pink with the sparkly polish, then added detail over both. I am going to try this!

  2. Fab nail art, pretty awesome that it's actually a do it yourself!!

    1. thankyouu! its pretty hard to use my left hand to do my right but its getting easier with practice :)


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