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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Hottt Rhinestone Tag Bracelet

If you've saw the posts I have done before, you should no that Hotttshit have been re-branded and are now known as
I have been away for a few days in London on a business trip and had no internet so I hadn't replied to emails or made any posts on here - apologies!
Anyway, I was sent a Rhinestone Tag Bracelet from which I am in love with! I love wearing it, personally I think the quality is immense, it looks pretty expensive! donate a portion of their sales to charity every month and if you 'like' them on Facebook they will donate an additional 5 cents. You can get more information on their monthly selected charity by signing up to their email newsletter.

This is the tag bracelet. I'm sure we've all bought some sort of jewellery with rhinestones that just look fake, don't sparkle or just look dull? I can tell you now that this bracelet is none of those! The rhinestones are light and shiny, catch the light and each twinkles away.

The chain is large links, with the right shade of gold, not too shiny neither.

I really really, really love this bracelet! XD
I've wore it and I've been asked 'who's the lucky guy that got you that then?' *I'm a loner, don't have a guy to buy me jewellery :P* 
If you would like to get this bracelet you can get it here from for only $17 $8!

Do you like this bracelet? Have you got anything from Hottt?

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Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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