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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Save The BlowDry

Did you know that, on average, we girls spend over two hours a week blow drying and styling our locks? So it's utterly hair-raising when we emerge from our daily shower or bath after using a shower cap, to find no resemblance to the hair we had a few minutes before! 

Save The Blow Dry's solution was to create a unique shower cap that does what it says. SAVES THE BLOW DRY! 
Its secret is the combination of a gorgeous, waterproof design with an internal layer of super-absorbent micro weave toweling, which zaps humidity and condensation, bathroom-proofing hair to leave it dry and bouncy. 

The shower cap can also be turned inside out (so the toweling doesn't get wet and yuckie) and put on over your favourite hair treatment/mask allowing it to work better. This is because it helps to keep the heat in so your hair treatment is more effective.

For the best results:
 * Brush hair.
* If hair is long, gently clip up with a clasp or slide.
* Push any stray strands up into hat and ensure the hair line is covered.
* Happily bathe or shower, whilst looking super cute!
* Dry your body and face before removing SAVE THE BLOW DRY™ !
* Shake save the blow dry! To remove excess water and ideally hang up to dry.

"It secured all of my hair which I was pretty happy about. It 's quite a comfortable cap too unlike a few other I've tried out. It has a good grip and stays intact. Once I came out of the shower and took it off, my hair was exactly like before. There was no water or dampness getting in there which is something I am impressed by because my hair does have a tendency to frizz a lot."

I have used various cheap shower caps before, for instance when I'm on holiday I can go back to the hotel room, have a cold shower to cool me down before we all went out to the evening meal. I'm lazy, I don't like to wash my hair every day when it doesn't need washing; I don't think that's very good for it anyway. When I showered with the 'complimentary' shower caps the water ended up under the shower caps, they moved around and left my hair messy but I didn't want to blow dry it again as I'd been out in the sun all day; so I left it frizzy and damp from the shower caps -.- 

(please ignore the scratch marks down my neck, I would say a cat did them, but it was my sister. :P
I didn't photo full face because the other side is cut. I've tried to blur the whole photo a little to make them less noticeable)

I used a small beak clip to put my fringe up as the 'Save The Blow Dry' slips on it if it's not out the way. The cap stayed in place really good, and didn't slip at all once my hair was pinned back because its quite long. When I came out of the shower I took the cap off, took the beak clip out gave my hair a shake and my hair was just as it was before. 

This shower cap costs £14.95 which you could say is a little over priced for a shower cap. I say it's not, because what is the point in using a shower cap that doesn't work? spending a few pounds on one which doesn't work and trying others. You can get this one and it works, no need to spend any more money on them! Plus it's multi purpose! This shower cap is really good quality, it looks nice and it actually does the job it's suppose to doits a great size, good for short and long hair. the cap looks cute, it came packed in a nice bag and has a retro look to it. It reminds me of when women use to wear flower swimming caps!
You can get this shower cap here

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What do you think of this shower cap? Have you tried it? Why not get it as a gift for someone at Christmas?

Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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