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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Box of OMG #4 opening, please help me out :)

I was sent a 'Box Of OMG' #4, it said on the box to record the opening of it and put it on YouTube for them. A certain number of each box is sent out for free, when they upload the video they must get 'likes', views and the video should have the 'cute' factor...

I have had a 'Box Of OMG' #2 sent to me before which I had to pick up from the ByBox Lockers, that was a little annoying at first because I couldn't find the lockers near the petrol station, turned out they was behind it -.-
That box was bigger, as it didn't have to fit through the letter box's, it was just dropped off at a locker for you where you entered a code and the door swung open and there's your box! Apparently lots of people complained about having to go pick it up from the lockers, so 'Box Of OMG' looked into it and ended up making the box's smaller and thinner.

I did actually prefer the bigger box's. Obviously because they were bigger they could fit bigger things in it. I got a bigish book in the last book, it was by Marcus Sedgwick called White Crow. I though oh turdddd! Because I haven't read a book since Biff and Chip (seriously). Only endless fashion magazines but apparently they don't count -.- *booo*
However I started reading the book, I didn't understand most of it, it flipped from past - 1700s, present and all that, I was like what the hell?! most of the way through. Near the end, I figured (I could be wrong here). The book starts inside a creepy little town that is being slowly eaten by the ocean. In the 1700's a 'doctor' who believed that by chopping peoples heads off, they would look at him before they die and tell them what they see - god or the devil. Only nobody said anything, I mean.. How could they when he chopped their voice boxes off and their lungs?!? The language was hard to understand when it kept flipping back to the 1700's. In the present part there were old buildings in the town that were locked up because they were old and dangerous. There were two girls that kept going in the buildings and ended up discovering the events that once happened there. One of the girls was weird, the other one was all depressed and yeah at the end the weird one decided to jump off the cliff.

This was the first book I've read in years! I only read it while I was waiting until I had to go to college because there's nothing else to do. Near the end it was interesting'ish. But I'm not a book reader, I wouldn't say it was a good book, It didn't even have pictures! ;P
There were some other things int the box like sweets, free entry passes to a zoo etc.
This post is about #4 not the #2 though so I'll shut up about that one :P

Box of OMG is a box that now gets delivered to your door, its full of little freebies for your or your friends, children, bothers, sisters whatever! 
The box is FREE, Boxes are randomly allocated to lucky members of the OMG club. Or become a VIP by securing your box!Subscribers are automatically upgraded to a MEGA Box Of OMG (packed with even more things) 

If you want a box of OMG then you can sign up to be randomly selected for one here - just click register and they will email you when you have been selected. 
Buttttttttt...... If you'de like to jump the queue and get more points, you can use my code - OMGOMGOMG - That will increase your chances of getting a box :)

If you are sent the #5 box, create the video, upload it to YouTube and you can win a prize! I think the prize is an ipad mini this month!

I mixed up a couple of songs to go with the 'Box Of OMG' theme ;) it's the first time I have remixed songs so it's not brilliant ahaaa! Oh and You get to meet my rabbit Riley, I was going to put all 3 of my rabbits on the video but they all kept going in different directions :D
The video is nothing serious, it is what it says... The box being opened for 'Box Of OMG' as asked

I am having problems uploading the YouTube video here so I'll give you the link below

Please could give the video a 'like' and maybe even leave a comment, on the actual YouTube video? you don't have to on this post unless you'd like to as well ;)
Please help me to win >.<

Many many thankyouuus! :D

Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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