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Monday, 16 December 2013

PinkyParadise circle lenses

**A circle lens is a type of contact lens that is particularly popular among those in the Eastern, they create the effect of a larger iris. In the eastern countries, the circle lens could be considered as makeup as they are so common to be worn on a daily basis by so many people. A Circle lens is a cosmetic contact lens, also generally known as big eye circle contacts, which has a wide black ring on the outside widens your eyes’ iris, creating an adorable appearance that you'll fall in love with. Circle lenses are really reputable in countries like South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries, but they're starting to become popular across the globe because Lady Gaga wore them in her “Bad Romance” music video. Lady Gaga’s eyes were probably partially computer generated, so their lenses won’t have quite the same effect- but they will make your eyes look wider and larger.**

I got a pair circle lenses from Pinky Paradise a few months ago, I wrote a basic post about them here. I have been trying to get these things in for the time I have had them, I have used blue contact lenses before from a UK retailer and after a little practice I got them in easy. I liked those blue ones while I was indoors, however when I went outside they almost 'glew' and they looked like lizard or snake eyes or something... I thought that was pretty cool but other people was like 'OH my god, how come your eyes are so bright?!'

So when it came to picking a pair of circle lenses from Pinky Paradise I thought I should go for a natural colour that blends in well with my eye colour. There are many celebrities that wear circle lenses such as Lady GaGa, Paris Hilton etc - you can see them on my previous post.
I had been trying to get these in for w while, which made my eyes quite sore but I finally got them in last night! I came down stairs to show my parents, but they had some friends over. One of their friends was lecturing me on the dangers of circle lens's I was just like 'Oh my Gawddd'. She was going on about how normal contact lens's are made for your eyes so they are the right shape/size etc so these can damage my eyes - I don't no about that one... She was also saying how you can get infections from them - Well I followed all of the instructions, used the proper solution etc checked that they were clear etc. If they wasn't clear and I hadn't of followed the instructions, I wouldn't have put them in my eyes as that could be dangerous. I checked hundreds of reviews on Pinky Paradises website, other peoples blogs, facebook pages etc and I was pretty happy.
I had just gotten out the shower and dried my hair so its all poofy and crazy -.-
Basically the top one is my natural eye colour, middle is my right eye with the lens in and bottom one has both lenses in. The lighting does change in the photos as I had to put the lights on. My natural eye colour is brown... But on these photos it looks greeny brown, any whoooo :P
The lenses definitely make my eyes look bigger, and I think more doll like.  These are worn daily in some countries, however I wouldn't do that. I mean it could be part of their makeup routine to wear these... But I don't wear makeup most of the time unless I'm going out-out, or I want to look nicer so I would wear them more for occasions I think. I might wear them to college, but it would never be something where I'm like 'I have to put in my lenses!' everyday. I get up at 6 and have an hour before I have to leave for college so it's easier not to wear makeup etc - Unless I get a spot that looks like a bus would crash on it, then I'll cover it up :P These are amazing though! I love the effect it gives and I'm pretty sure these would look awesome on a photo shoot!

I don't no how to tell if the lens is inside out, on the website it said 'The correct position of lenses should follow the right side panel. If you come across the left side panel, it means the lens is turned inside out.' I just left them the way they were in the bottle. 

What I thought:
It took me ages to get them in (were talking a few months) because I hate going near my eyes and I cant help but flicker them around like a scared butterfly or something - So I won't blame that on the lenses.Once I actually got them in it took like a minute or so for my eye to stop running then they were fine. Although the right lens, I could see double vision - blurred around the edges of objects. 
I loved the effect it gave to my eyes, they were more striking and you just have to look at them. They blend really nicely into my eye colour, it's the black ring around the edges that makes my eyes appear to be bigger. For some reason it reminded me of on Twilight when the vampires are hungry...

These lenses are the MiMi Chocolate Brown which you can get by going to their website and putting 'Geo Princess MiMi Chocolate Brown' into their product search bar. They cost $23.90, however they deliver internationally (I'm from the UK and I have got them). These lenses last a year from opening, however you must change the solution every time you use the lenses. It comes with a free animal case - mine was some cute yellow elephant ones :) It also came with a free gift, which looks like pink Velcro of some kind, it wasn't in English but there was a picture on the packet with a girl using it o pull her hair back so she can put her lenses in.

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