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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

how to fix damaged hair and how to make DIY hair masks

Summer is gone in the UK now, and many of us are left with damaged hair. Days at the beach, sun damage or heat damage, you name it. I often find that the winter is no good on my hair either, I spend a lot of time outside with my friends and brother sledging, once down big hills where there was a lake at the bottom and a power box halfway down. I ended up crashing into the power box and broke my toes - no biggie, it was only 4 on my left foot ;) *I do not recommend doing silly things, I'm just stupid*. This weather sometimes leads to my hair literally freezing as theirs damp air and it snows so its like frozen grass or something..

To help your hair recover from the summer and protect it from the winter, you can buy products like hair serum, sprays, hair masks, I know I've been into stores and there are so many products and I didn't no where to start. You can buy store bought products or you can make your own. Do you no how? That's okay, I'm going to put some recipes below that you can make to help your locks recover and stay lovely, shiny and healthy :)

I have done a LOT of research on how to get your hair healthy and I am now on the road to having mine all nice again. A lot of people don't notice with my hair, it's fine and a blondy shade so the split ends aren't as visible to others. My hair is mainly hard to deal with when it's wet :/ I will share with you what my hair was like and what I am doing to improve it.

At one point when I wasn't eating very good, my hair went super dry and especially my fringe, I mean it felt like straw! I think I had also been having my showers too hot, I literally put it as hot as it can go. Having showers that are to hot. Rinsing your hair with hot water too often can leave the hair overly porous, causing it to be dry and brittle. Unfortunately, hot water seems to be a double-edged sword. Just as hot water helps to rinse away oil and dirt, it also strips your hair of its natural oils. The sebaceous glands in your skin produce natural oils called “sebum” that are essential for your hair’s health. Sebum gives the hair shine and strength, both of which are vital for beautiful hair. I have been lowering the showers temperature and also drying my hair on a cooler setting (I mostly don't have time to let it dry naturally unless I'm on holiday or during the college breaks).
Cold showers are of hot water, cold water closes the pores and prevents dirt from entering and accumulating on the scalp. It also closes the hairs cuticle, this seals in the moisture from the conditioner that you have applied to your hair. Whereas hot water can remove the moisture from your hair, cold water actually retains the moisture and the natural sebum that’s so beneficial. Don’t forget, more moisture means less frizz. Cold water retains your hair’s moisture, leaving your hair less prone to frizz. Sometimes stylists like to end a blow dry with by a blast of cold air because it leaves the hair shiny. The same concept can be applied to a cold water rinse. Cold water is known to smooth the hair by closing the scales of your hair cuticle, which in turn prevents frizz and adds luster to your locks. With that I have been washing my hair with warm water and washing the shampoo out like that, then I rinse out the conditioner with cool water (I don't apply the conditioner to my roots or I find it hard to get out) giving my hair a quick cold rinse after I have washed out the products as it helps give it shine, prevents frizz and seals in moisture.

Just doing using cold water to rinse out the conditioner has made my hair more manageable, when my hair was wet it had a weird texture, I don't even no how to describe it :s 
I brush my hair with a royal cosmetics hair brush which detangled my hair really good, however I've read endless articles insisting on using a wide tooth comb, so this is going to be my next step too. There are also those 'Tangle Teaser' things which I'm not so sure on by the look of them but I might give them a go.

There is a strand test which you can do yourself to see what condition your hair is in and it could give an indication of how to treat your hair.
1. start with a strand of wet hair (pull one out)
2. take the wet hair and carefully stretch it

If your hair strand stretches:
- 15% - 20% and then bounces back = your hair is balanced
- A lot and then breaks off = you are lacking moisture and protein
- and continues to stretch and does not return to its original state = your lacking protein
- If it doesn't stretch and breaks off = your lacking moisture

Above is a video clip from ElekrikTV on how to test your hair for porosity. Porosity can be caused by many factors such as dying your hair, heat damage (straightening, curling, blow drying etc) shampoos whit a ph of 5.5 or higher, chemical treatments that lift/open up the cuticle (relaxers, permanent colour treatment, texturizers, lighteners etc) and ultraviolet light from the sun, and showers that are too hot.

This video above from dove, I haven't tried the product but I do think its claims are pretty high so I will have get it and try that one out and rate it... Or slate it. I hate when products brag about being sooo good and then they are just like any other ordinary products. If this Dove treatment works I will be impresses ;)

I have tried several store bought hair treatments all bought from Superdrugs, such as:
'TRESemmé Platinum Strength visibly repairs up to 2 years of damage in just 5 uses* giving you stronger, more manageable and beautifully healthy hair. The Platinum Strength’s Renewing Complex not only reinforces hair’s naturally protective layer but also helps restore your hair, protecting it against future damage.'
I have found this product to strengthen my hair, however I am rotating my shampoos and conditioners so my hair doesn't get use to anything and also different products have different benefits. I wouldn't say it has reversed 2 years of damage as my hair was good then and it isn't as good now. I definitely notice a difference in how smooth my hair feels, it has more 'life' and it doesn't get tangled up like it had been doing. I haven't used the full 'platinum strength' range however I think its a really good range.
2. TRESemmé Split Remedy Serum 30ml- £5.69 Now £2.79
'Split Remedy Sealing Serum creates a flawless smooth finish by helping to reduce split ends, taming frizz and sealing in shine. Lightweight for daily use, your hair will be left silky smooth and with a healthy salon shine. Use on wet hair or the ends of dry hair to tame and restore smoothness. Split Remedy range, proven to reduce split ends by up to 80% after just 3 uses!*'
I have been using this product for a couple of months, I use this every time I get out the shower, I apply to the ends of my hair and my fringe.
I have had my hair trimmed a few times while using this product (I am not one that likes cutting her hair). I have found that I still have split ends, but not as many as I did have. I think my hair is just quite week, so I will need to strengthen it using hair masks etc.  My fringe has no split ends anymore, i also apply this to areas where my hair is is a worse condition  at the side of my fringe, I definitely think the condition is improving. I only need to use a tiny bit of this product to apply so it's pretty long lasting.
3. Got2B Guardian Angel- £3.99 Now £2.99
'With up to 220°C heat protection, your hair will be invincible when using hot irons + blow-dryers.So, go ahead and creat your hot styles, now you have your own guardian angel protecting you! Be divine and shine!'
I have been using this product for a few months and it's about half empty now. I love this product as it protects from heat damage, I apply before blow drying and I find that when I apply to wet hair, my hair is much more manageable and de-tangles much easier.
'TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray helps shield hair from the damaging effects of heat styling while sealing in a beautiful shine.'
I have used this product before I started using the Got2B Guardian Angel, I liked this as when you blow dry your hair downwards it helps your hair to be smooth. However I found that my hair got greasier quicker. 

A few products I am going to get: 

This can be used as it is or you can use it to make other recipes for hair or even face masks! Reduced to £1.52, I'm going to get one of these tomorrow I don't miss out on a deal like that!
'Discover rejuvenated, healthy hair with Vatika Naturals Egg Protein Rejuvenating Shampoo!
Enriched with powerful natural extracts of Egg and Honey that help repair and rejuvenate damaged hair, giving you healthier looking hair, naturally!'
If your hair is lacking in protein, this product could be the answer to your problems! I am going to try this one when I get it :) The price seems pretty good, this is the sort of hair mask you can leave in your hair for a bit and put you STBD shower cap over it to keep the heat in making the mask more effective.
3. THIS ONE Replenishing Treatment 150ml- was £4.49 Now £1.71
'A rich conditioning treatment, perfect for pampering and a delight when hair seems dry, damaged and dull. INGREDIENTS: Contains Cocoa and Shea Butter, Black Oat, Wheat Protein, and Panthenol known to help strengthen hair.'
This hair mask contains lots of ingredients vital for beautiful hair, with protein, oils etc to help multiple areas of problems with hair. I'm going to go and get this one today on the way back from college, I mean £1.71! :)

DIY Recipes:
I am now going to share with you some recipes I have found out that are good for your hair. There are so many recipes out there that you could try. I am going out to get the coconut oil after I get out from college and I am going to start trying out these masks as well once a week. I will be updating you on the condition of my hair, what products I've used, like etc :D

Coconut hair mask recipe:
Coconut oil smells yummy and it's also the perfect lightweight moisturizer for your thirsty strands.
2 parts Coconut oil
1 part Olive oil (optional)

1. Combine coconut and olive oil in a small bowl and mix well.
2. Shower/bath in a warm shower as hot water and steam naturally open the pores
2. You can then apply the mixture to your hair, focusing on the mid lengths and ends
3. Put your hair up into a shower cap (I recommend STBD) and leave on for 15-30 minutes (depending on how damaged your hair is) this helps keep the heat in too.
4. Rinse out in the shower with cool water - this helps lock in the moisture remember ;)
5. Shampoo and condition as usual
Avocado hair mask recipe:
(This recipe is good for all hair types)
Avocados are rich in a variety of vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin E and protein, both of which your hair needs to remain soft and healthy. Meanwhile, honey is a natural antibacterial agent.

Cut and scoop out all of the flesh from a ripened avocado and mix in a tablespoon of organic honey. Apply to hair, put on a shower cap and let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing it off in the shower.

Olive Oil and Egg hair mask recipe:
(for dry hair)
The olive oil will help hydrate brittle locks, while the protein in the eggs will promote healthy hair growth.

Is your hair in need of some major TLC?  Well then mix three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil with two eggs and apply the mixture to your hair, put on a shower cap and then let the mixture sit for 20 minutes before rinsing it off in the shower.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon
Apple cider vinegar will remove build up from styling products and conditioners and strengthen the hair shaft, leaving you with soft, shiny strands. It will also balance hair’s pH level, kill bacteria, and is a cure for dandruff.

Mix 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar with the grated peel of the whole lemon, apply to hair, concentrate on the roots and scalp. Put on a shower cap and allow it to set for 15 minutes to absorb the excess oil from your scalp, and then rinse in the shower.

I know that was a pretty long post! I hope it has helped any of you having hair problems, I know it can be hard to find what you are looking for so I have basically tried to pack as much as I can in one post... Resulting in like a bible of hair or something :P

Who else isn't happy with their hair? Has anybody tried these hair mask recipes? Have you tried any of the products I've listed? Or any I'm going to get?

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Samantha - @sammigirl1994


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