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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Line Cutout ring from #blogmas

Hiii! I'm usually in college yesterday and today so there wouldn't usually be posts, but my teacher is in Paris with the class below mine. Sooo that means my class doesn't have to go in :D but she has got a teacher to stand in on Thursday so I have to go in that day, I hope I'm feeling better for then! I've been ill for over a week now! Bored of it, I haven't eaten chocolate in over a week, that's bad. I mean if I say I don't want chocolate everyone is like oh my god! Seriously, I usually eat a lottt of chocolate! :o

If you haven't saw the first #blogmas post you can read that one here, basically I'm going to be posting anything Christmas related on the run up to Christmas. That could be nail art, fashion, gift ideas, discount codes, decorations, anything! :D if that sounds good you should join this blog to be kept up to date with future posts and the #blogmas run up - you can join with your twitter, blogger or email under the followers tab somewhere over there on the right side bar over there ----------->

 I got this cutout ring from - I have done posts before about them, they re-branded from you can read that here. The ring came in a golden parcel bag with the small gift box inside.

The ring is different to what I would usually wear. It's quite plain and simple. In fact its very plain and simple! But I guess at the same time that makes it look effective because its so minimal. This ring would go with almost any outfit, you can't go wrong with this simplistic design.

The ring is quite big, it gives the effect that your wearing 5 thin rings but your actually only wearing one! This ring would make a lovely gift for your family/friends for Christmas...
or if you would like something more glam but at a low price you could get this golden rhinestone tag bracelet - that is my favourite item so far from
Or this Lion bracelet is just gorgeous! both of these bracelets have chunky chains - love!
All of the jewellery on this post - the ring and the bracelets will look great worn at Christmas, you could go casual or dress them up with a little black dress.

You can get this ring for $13.00 here, but they ship worldwide - I'm from the UK and I've got mine :)

What do you think of this ring? Which piece from this post is your favourite?

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Samantha - @sammgirl1994

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