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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

merry Christmas!! and Nail Art

Hiii! I have been awake since 1am last night because it was sooo hot as my dad had got the fire to heat the whole house up wayyy to much! I ended up going up to bed about 2pm after dinner and my dad came up and woke me up about 4! whutt?!

I've had lots of nice presents, some clothes, nail art things, a hairdryer, One Direction annual, calendar, book and album and... A mini tripod! :D... perfect for filming nail art! So if you like my nail art I've done on FashionFixHunter Previously then you might want to subscribe to my YouTube channels I've set up, I'm not sure which one I will upload the nail art tutorials too so you could subscribe to both one and two.

So I've finally listened to One Direction's new album - My parents asked me not to listen to it on YouTube or anything and O.M.G! :D love love loveee! My sisters moving out in January so I FINALLY get my own bedroom :))) I am redocorating it all with zebra print on one wall, the others silver with a photo collage on and some other ideas. (I'll post pictures on here when Its all done) I am going to have a verse of One Directions lyrics on one wall, but before I heard the album I was going to have Harry's bit and a bit of the chorus from Story of my life... Now I'm kinda torn between some from 'Strong' 'You and I' or 'dont forget where you belong' Is there any 1d fans out there, any ideas? :)

M has now started her radio therapy, and I like to do her nails, manicure, pedicure and all that to pamper her a little because she is inspirational and so brave! She doesn't like nail art that is really in your face, I hate my nails to look naked or half naked, they like to be dressed up :D
I did struggle to do her nails because shes bit them shorter than her fingers. I do have falsies but she said it wouldn't be good for cooking in case they fall in. She ended up wanting shnowmans! I forgot to wipe around the edges before I took the photo but oh well!

As I said I do like my nails to be more detailed and I often end up doing my left hand and not being able to do my right because my left hand is just a turd.
I did these the other day, they took a while to do aha >.< But once I got going its pretty easy and quick. Like I said, my right hand was a little harder to do.
The amount of people that have said nice things about this nail art is amazing! I keep being told I should start ainting other peoples nails as they think I could make money from it. I don't think I'm good enough and I'd be scared of painting someones nails and making a right mess of it. 

I've only just got acrylic paints, both of these Christmas nail art looks I did using the paints and teeny brushes and needles to do the fine details. I will have to get use to doing nail art with acrylic paints because I love the way you can wipe it off with water and do it again if you do go wrong, you can mix colours, make things look more 3D etc and I think it pretty much beats nail varnish for nail art. I use a base coat varnish, top coat varnish always with acrylic paints, the first nail art - the blue background is nail varnish.

I'm going out tomorrow to a family friends with my family tomorrow for a Christmas dinner. Going to a families one day this week for a Christmas dinner... All these Christmas dinners?! D: I'm all about the puddings me, you can't get bored of cake and chocolate and ice cream oufff :D

What do you think of these nail arts? Is there any nail art looks I've done you want a tutorial for now that I have a tripod?

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  1. Cute winter nails! You're so talented ;D

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

  2. So many beautiful things!I am following you!


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