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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Amie Clay Mask

I was sent the Amie Clay mask from Amie Skincare, I am pretty open to skincare products as long as they are gentle and preferably  for sensitive skin.
This clay mask is good for deep cleansing of the skin. 
It works by drawing out of the skin the deep seated dirt and impurities and soaking up the excess oil. The mask contains active fruit and botanical ingredients that work with your skin instead of against it. I have used some clay masks that have dried my skin out and left me with my skin peeling... Not good.
The key natural ingredients are French White Clay, which absorbs excess oil, dirt, toxins and other impurities without absorbing the skins natural oils too. 
There is also natural zinc oxide which is an antibacterial, which helps to clear blemishes and also prevent them. Then the lime butter soothes, softens and tones the skin, helping to shrink pores while the Organic peppermint refreshes, cools and soothes the skin.
The mask also helps with exfoliation, circulation and giving your skin an overall healthy and glowing complexion
I have tried and tested this face mask, I first tested this on a small area of my skin as I can have reactions to products so I wouldn't want to lather my whole face in something without knowing. After I tested it, I started by applying a smooth layer over the face with my face mask stick tool, although I am thinking of getting a face mask brush as I am getting to like face masks. Avoid the eye area, as that can be sensitive, you can use it on the under part of your chin too to tone and firm the skin.
When I had applied the mask, I sat back, wacked out the ds, put some music on; I don't like sitting still for long so yeahh. You could get the classic cucumber slices out and relax, or read a book, whatever you like to relax. I waited for 15 minutes until the mask had dried, then I rinsed off the mask with warm water and patted my face dry.
I also tried this mask on someone else, as I didn't use it all on myself.

Final opinion: I thought the mask smelt nice, was easy to apply and gentle on the skin. It is brilliant at refreshing and toning the face, and cleaning the skin. It shrinks pores, clears blackheads and skin impurities. 

Do you like face masks? Have you tried this face mask? What do you think?

You can get three sachets for £1.50 here
Amie Skincare's website is here
Amie Skincare's twitter is here

Samantha - @sammigirl1994


  1. Love face masks. The best thing ever for skin care

    1. They can work wanders! thanks for the comment! :)


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