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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Makeup Boomer from IBeautyFix

Hi! Hope your all enjoying your summer holidays! I'm actually getting pretty jealous now -.-
Because my friends keep messaging me saying how they are going on holiday, or they are on holiday, sending me pictures and all that. I mean good for them, but oh my gawd I wanna go too! D:
Then they say they are getting me a present, but I'm not going on holiday anymore so I will just get them something from a day out or something.. I like presents :)
I haven't actually told you all why I am going on holiday, but to put it simply; someone close is very poorly so we can't go abroad anymore. But their health comes first so we'll just go on holiday next year! Where are you all going on holiday? 
I have got this Make-up boomer from IBeautyFix, It came in a tube, however you can get it on their website in different container (which I think is better).

The Make-up boomer has a 3D volume base, a silky gel texture with a skin activating system.
Seed complexion - it retains dehydration and retains shimmer effect longer. I think this is really good, because my skin dries out pretty easily, so using a re-hydrating product like this a really good tone to use.

The make-up boomer diffuses light to give a radiant and healthy glowing look on the skin.

The skin looks fresh and healthy, giving the skin natural highlights and helping to make the face look slimmer. I love the was this product highlights the skin, so if you would like to try something instead of the powder highlighter; you should give this a go.

You can get this Make-up Boomer here for £10 reduced from £18
Here is IBeautyFix's website
Here is IBeautyFix's Twitter

What do you think of this Makeup Boomer? Have you tried it?

Samantha - @sammigirl1994

1 comment:

  1. Nice review. I can see the difference from the picture.


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