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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Raggae efunzee onesie

I was sent a hooded adult onesie in the Reggae style from efunzee. I'm really liking these onesies I get sent! It can get pretty cold here, especially where we go on a short holiday up north. I also like the super thick ones that you can go outside in the snow in, although I see people wearing onesies just wherever, like shopping, cinema, bowling, concerts, festivals etc.
I went ice skating last week, I'd only been once before when I was younger, I can't roller skate so I thought I would be hopeless. I was right. I kept catching the front of the skates on the ice and going flying into the windows. THEN I got brave and had let go of the walls for about 3 laps, then on the fourth I decided to go straight through the middle of the ice rink. I shouted my little brother saying I'm Skating I'm skating! next think I was shouting I'm going to fall! and BAM flat on my back, thought I broke my butt knuckle! :/ Were going to go again this week so I can practice -.-
Back to the point.. There was people wearing onesies on the ice rink, I suppose that's a good idea, I was wearing skinny jeans which don't have any padding if you fall, but I like my skinnies -.-

The onesie is made of 100% soft jersey cotton so its super comfy! It has a hood for the extra warmth, cuffed ankles so there's a snug for and you can also slip your shoes on easily too. there's big low pockets so you can keep your hands nice and warm with the slouchy look.
The sizes go from petite to XXLarge, just check their sizing chart to find your fit :)

I was also sent these socks which have stripes that match the Reggae onesie,They fit really nicely and have non-slip 'fun' writing on the underneath of the foot.

Yes.. I'm strange I know ;P
I put on this onesie and started walking around the house like a goof! it's super comfortable, and the pattern is very effective. In fact, my little brother who insisted on trying out the carpet skates I was sent tried this on because he liked it.. The butt bit was just above his ankles ahaa! And when he walked! I should actually get a picture because he looked really funny! :)

you can get this Reggae onesie here for £28.95
You can get the socks here for only £2.00 when purchased with a onesie

Do you like this onesie? Do you like onesies? Do you have one like this?

Here is efunzee's website
Here is efunzee's twitter

Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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  1. I don't own any, but they seem pretty comfortable so I may get one soon! Fun post. :) I'm following you via GFC, please follow back via GFC+.


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