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Friday, 2 August 2013

Sliders Carpet Skates!

If you checkout the sponsors/long term collaborations down the side of this blog you will see that FFH has some new businesses have joined! Wooo! :D
One of the new collabs is PrezzyBox, who I will regularly be blogging about, so if you like gadgets, crazy gifts and that sort of stuff then keep a look out, they should be up on here once a month!

PrezzyBox has loads of crazy products up for sale, things you wouldn't even think of. In fact there's so much crazy stuff you will be spoilt for choice! The prices are pretty good, so it's the perfect place if you want to get someone something different, a joke gift or something just unusual. There are normal stuff there to obviously, so there is something for everyone.

I have been sent some carpet skates from PrezzyBox which are for 'skating' on your carpets... Have you heard of that before? They don't damage or leave any marks either so you don't have to worry about that. If you use o with Tom And Jerry when you was little (or if you still do) Do you remember the scenes where they freeze on the kitchen floor and their legs are going like crazy as if they are actually skating? Well you can totally do try and do that with these!
They are not as easy to use as I thought, but I put that down to our old carpet not being so soft now. I had to push my feet along the floor quite hard to slide, but I definitely think if our carpet was softer then I would be sliding effortlessly.

The skates came in a grey parcel with PrezzyBox tape on it you I knew where it was from right away.

They came in a small box with the pieces inside to assemble the carpet skates yourself.

It comes with two plastic boards that have such a smooth surface they glide easily over carpets. You stick the grip pads onto the boards and then attach the Velcro. Simple as that!
Here are the carpet skates fully assembled.
Caution: Always wear rubber soled shoes. Use away from stairs or other obstacles.
I am wearing my red canvas shoes as they have a rubber sole and are quite flexible.
I was a bit worried about trying these out as I seem to be accident prone, if somethings going to happen, it will most likely be me! The stupid things I have done and always do are unbelievable! 

I gave my camera to my little brother and her took these... Aha! my leg on the first one! :P
I can't skate or ice skate either, people say if you bad at one you will be good at the other, but that's not always the case obviously.To be honest, I can't carpet skate either, but it's still so fun!

I got my little brother on the carpet skates too, and he loved them.
But be prepared to fall over a lot! We both kept falling, so we tried to stay away from the TV because we would of been in trouble then. :o
You could get a few pairs and have races!
Do not go down the stairs in these either, it's dangerous.

If you like the look of these then you can get them here for £5.95, bargain! Great for you or for a gift for someone else :)
Here is PrezzyBox's Twitter.

Have you tried carpet skating? What do you think of these carpet skates? 

Samantha - @sammigirl1994


  1. Looks like a great workout!

  2. My son would love them, but I don't think I can keep him from rolling down the stairs.

    1. I'm sure he would! :) and you would have to warn him aha

  3. Brilliant! Thank you, Sam - This is a great review! Jo@Prezzybox :) xx

  4. Oh my!!!!! I'm laughing here alone just because I'm imagining me using it! hahahahah

    1. ahaa! You should try them out and see :P :)


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