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Friday, 23 August 2013

Zemned DermCare Cleanser

As you can see in the collabs/sponsors of ffh, you will see Zemned have joined!
I was sent this DermCare Cleanser which is 'Gentle cleaning for ultra sensitive skin types' - I love that! Its says it's gentle on the skin which is brilliant!

The lid is a simple push down to open, push other side to close which is good as it doesn't spill. It's easy to open and close, its also good as you can get the right amount out without wasting any.

The ingredients in this cleansing product are there for a reason, there aren't pointless things added to it, chemicals etc. There is no colour, scent, fragrance or irritants. I do tend to like scented products, particularly chocolate or cocoa scented, chocolate is always good ;P
However obviously that means there are additives that aren't needed that could be reacted to, so they aren't used.
This cleanser is used to gently remove oils and dead skin from the surface of the skin without affecting the natural pH or drying the skin out.
If you skin is irritated, you can gently cleanse without making the irritation worse, it's that gentle!

This can be used as a cleanser for the face or the body. Simply rinse the skin with warm water and then massage this cleanser on with a sponge, wet washcloth etc and then rinse it off. here is no need to scrub or anything! If you have eczema this product can also help to heal and sooth the skin. It is also ideal for sensitive, mature, or dry skin types, you can read more about the tips of this product here

Final opinion: I find my skin can react to products super easily, or I could use something one day and be allergic the next. However this cleanser is so gentle, I have had no problems with it. I tend to get red skin easily when I wash my face, because it is sensitive, but this cleanser reduces the redness and it doesn't dry out my skin. I could literally feel the difference after using this cleanser, my skin felt a lot softer and smoother.

You can get this product here for £15
Zemned's website is here
Zemned's twitter is here

Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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