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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Claire's Bargains!

Yesterday when I came out from college, on the way to the bus I went past Claire's and I saw some sunglasses in the window I thought my little brother would like. I went in and discovered the sale! Who can resist a sale? Read right to the end to read along the surprise! :)

These are the glasses I saw from the window, I haven't saw them in this colour before and they also have the gradient mirror effect too. These were suppose to be £8 and reduced to £3.00

I noticed these because of the sparkles, they aren't the style I usually wear but I thought they looked pretty cool. These were suppose to be £10 and reduced to £5

Gradient leopardy print wayfarer sunglasses were £8 now £4.

These shield type sunglasses are the style of sunglasses I usually go for. Although some are to big for my head :s These ones look delicate with golden sides with butterflies and flower detailing.
These were £10 and now they are £5.

I love studs, spikes etc but not in a Gothic way, they can be the perfect accessory to so many outfits, or if my tee is pretty plain I'll usually sling on any piece of golden jewellery. It has a bit of weight to it as it is metal, so it does sit right and doesn't blow around like some gold sprayed plastic spiked necklaces I have worn before - which I don't really wear anymore. This necklace was £8 and now £4.

If you haven't added that all up, you'll no that with the sale prices that all came to £21 instead of the full price total of £54! That's a big difference. Only, I didn't even pay that sale price!
What did I pay?






Yes you read that right! Only £5! 
Claire's had another sale on, any five things from the sale for £5, but for a limited time only!
You can save quite a lot in the Claire's sales at the moment, so I bought 4 pairs of sunglasses for next year and for my brother and a pair for someone else too, and the spiked necklace.
They had loads of jewellery, hair accessories, sunglasses, artist wristbands (nicki minaj, the wanted etc), and loads more in the 5 for £5 sale. They also had a 75% off sale including bags and things like that. 

I think that tomorrow in my college lunch break I might just run back up to Claire's and get some more goodies, there's quite a few pieces I saw but didn't get. It's my birthday this Friday, so I might get some things for my birthday from here. My parents asked what I wanted to do for my birthday, my response was hire a bouncy castle and sumo suits, I won't have presents. They ruled that out, apparently that's stupid, is it too much for a girl to ask to have a sumo fight? D: I knew they'd say no anyway because M's poorly so I won't really be doing anything for my birthday, I've just asked for my dad to make me lot's of pancakes :D I'm easily pleased aha. When I say lot's I mean until I can't move, but heyy, there's nothing else to do round here ahaha :s
Then there's Christmas coming up very soon too so I might get some gifts for people etc as well. I can't see the sale on their website, so I think maybe it's just in store? 

I'll re-word what I said before, who can resit 'this' sale?
Have any of you got anything from the Claire's sale? What's your fave item I got from Claire's?

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Samantha - @sammigirl1994


  1. WOW! I am going to go and have a look in store!

    1. Aha >.<
      you should, I'm going to go back in again ha :D

  2. Wow those are some really good bargains you've got


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