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Saturday, 21 September 2013

MoYou London Kitty collection 06 nail art

I've been pretty busy this week getting back into college and all that, and I have already started doing my coursework in advance... Yes, I'm being a geek. I've decided I'm going to try my best this year with my education and blogging too, and not get distracted or anything. Just when I was thinking that, I happened to go onto YouTube. I came across Sawyer Hartman's channel while I was watching one of video Joey's videos. There's a bunch of YouTuber's I've started watching, I got caught watching some of their video's in class.. So I won't do that again.. I'll try not to anyway :p I was going to upload a nail art tutorial to my YouTube account for this post, but I've decided, I should really get a tripod because the quality is pants and I can't position the camera right while trying to paint my own nails. So instead, today I will show you the design I have created and the tools I have used to help. I will get a tripod, preferably one of those bendy ones and I'll re-do the video and upload it here and to YouTube, so if you like this design, checkout Moyou London and be ready for the tutorial :D

I used the Kitty Collection 06 plate, the Kitty collection is all about illustrations. Soft and edgy or cuddly and sharp, if you like doing nail art there's something for all you to keep your claws in style. The plates are made  of stainless steel with a plastic base. The designs are engraved on the image plates which you simply apply printing polish, then use the stamper and scraper to transfer the images to the nails.

This is the stamper and scraper I have been sent from Moyou London, I like this stamper because e it is bigger than my last one, which sometimes wasn't even big enough to fit some images on, meaning my designs were more limited. This stamper is medium sized so some designs may require a bigger stamper which Moyou London do also do, I'd love to try that one out too at some point :)
You can get this stamper in pink for MoYou London here for £3.99. If your into stamping, this is a must have at it is compatible with any stamping plates, and it's a great price!

This is my own nails, with the design I created, with gradient nails and then I used the stamper and plate to create the flowers. I then added more details by hand. I'm not really one to use stamping or stick on patterns/images, as I think if I can draw it myself then I will. Although sometimes my own drawing can be a bit messy when I first try to do a new design, I just practice until I can do it. However I can't seem to get the hang of butterflies and some flowers (not the simple ones) so stamping a good alternative. Or if you are not good at nail art yourself and would like to be able to do something cool yourself then you could try these stamping plates from MoYou London. 
I did struggle using the plate and stamper to start with, my stamping polish dries pretty quickly so you have to work quick with it. Then I found that it worked once and didn't transfer to the stamper the next, the solution is to wipe the stamper after every use and it works perfectly! I'm pretty new to stamping, I had a little stamping plate bought me for Christmas once but I gave up on it years ago ahaa, I don't think that one was very good quality and put me off a little :P

You can get this stamping plate here for £4.99! There are so many designs you can do with one plate, it just takes a little imagination :)

Do you like this design? What do you think of MoYou London's collection on their website? Have you tried stamping? Do you have any MoYou London's plates or tools? Who's looking forward to the tutorial?

MoYou London's website is here
Samantha - @sammigirl1994


  1. I love this design, I will have to get some plates from MoYou London and I will follow your tutorial. I think I will need it lol

    1. Thankyou, You totally should!
      I'm waiting until my birthday this Friday to see if I get a tripod as a present, if not I'll go and buy one, film it and get the tutorial up :D

  2. Wow! your amazing! I gotta get me some of these plates

    1. awhh thank youu :)
      Let me know what you think of the plates when you've got them, I love them :)

  3. Cant wait to see tutorial sammi!
    My parents are said get me this plate as long as my mum gets a free nail painting with it from me! Thankyou :)

    1. I can't wait to share it with you all :)
      ahaa that's a fair price to pay for getting them, I always paint my mums nails :) definitely worth it though! and you are welcome :)


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