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Monday, 16 September 2013

Hotttshit rock paper scissors!

I'm back at college now, holidays are over :( I had a choice of extra lessons on top of my Travel and Tourism course, I had to do at least one, I chose Spanish; which I really didn't enjoy last year! I just can't get the hang of it, at school I was okay, my teacher was pretty cool, he taught of loads of songs to remember other languages and played Simon says. But when I got to a certain, I didn't really want to play Simon says every lesson and so I ended up getting told off aha
My teacher I have now, well most of the time we told get along with her... I do actually try, but I get my German, French and Spanish mixed up - not particularly good at any of them but I have learnt some of each and I think maybe she thinks I am being stupid or something when I start counting in Spanish then not knowingly switching to French. Anyway, last week she said something in Spanish and a song clicked into my head that I'd learnt, whether it was from school... Or something from Dora when I was younger I don't no :S So this weekend I have been listening and singing along to Spanish learning songs, for my numbers, alphabet, other words etc and hopefully I'll learn :D

So now I'll be blogging at the weekends and/or Mondays, there's a cool competition coming up soon where you can win yourself some goodies, you must join this blog (under the followers tab) to be able to enter the competitions.

I was sent this parcel from Hotttshit. I love the packaging, its shiny and has the HOTTTSHIT.COM and 'style beyond drama' printed across the front. Deffo looks the part

Inside the parcel was this Hotttshit gift box. Its a simple white gift bow with a sleeve, I think it totally transforms the look. It looks way better than just a gift box, more of a high end stylish jewellery gift box.

Inside the gift box was this double finger ring, with the rock paper scissors signs on. To be honest, it does look a little strange. I've showed it to some people in the box and they thought it looked strange too, but when it's on it looks well cool!

I love this ring! Its different to other jewellery, not a plain ring. I tend to really jewellery that stands out, is a bit out there or on the other hand, girly and cute :D On the website its shown worn on the first two fingers, however I think it looks better on the middle two and plus it fits mine better there. Love Love Loveeee!

I have more posts for Hotttshitt coming up, so keep a look out! Some really cool pieces too!
Hotttshit have a where you can receive 10% off products (not including shipping fees) and can't be used on sales.

You can get this ring here for $11.00  .. $8.00!
Hotttshit's twitter is here
Hotttshit's website is here

What do you think? Do you like this ring?  Do you own any jewellery from Hotttshit?

Samantha - @sammigirl1994


  1. How cool is this ring?! Amazing. :)

    1. Pretty cool! :D
      Thanks for your comment :)
      please let me know when you have done you liebster award I nominated you for so I can tweet it on twitter :)


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