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Monday, 30 September 2013

Turtely awesome dude! and WIN with ffh!

I've been telling you there is a competition coming up in the last few posts and it's finally here!
First what I'll do is show you the product I received from popin charms, who are a sponsor of FashionFixHunter now, as you will see their widget portal under sponsors/collabs down the right side of this blog :)

I received a parcel with this gift wrapped smaller parcel inside.
As you can see it would be a nice gift like this, already wrapped and saves you the trouble of wrapping it yourself. Or if it is for yourself, it's nice to unwrap because it looks like a present!

Inside the parcel was a 'Turtely Awsome Dude!' charm. 
If you don't no what these are for, they are designed to protect all universal 3.5mm jacks from dust, muck, splashes etc. You might think what's the point? 
I was listening on the radio of the most embarrassing ways your phone doesn't work, one guy said something like 'Someone asked me if I wanted to use their headphones with my iPhone and I said I couldn't because it's broken. They questioned me as to why my iPhone was broken, of course it's a stupid story. You see I'm a farmer and I was in the combine harvester when the harvester got all corn and corn dust flying in and the hole on my iphone ended up being blocked with corn. They thought I was joking, but it's actually true'
You might not be in a combine harvester ;) but the point is that hole on your phone, laptop, ipods etc can easily become blocked or get dirt in them. There is a simple way to prevent that and that would be to use a plug. What's even better is that these plug charms come in so many styles and ranges, they have super sparkly ones, fun, love, character, dangle and fashion charms too.

This is the charm plugged into my phone, my phone's pretty old aha! :D
This popin charm is made with high grade crystals for a beautiful shine and catches the light. It is great to personalize your phone, laptop, iPod etc, you can have different charms to match your outfits, nails etc. With the benefit of protecting your devices from dust, debris and moisture. I also like how the head, arms and legs.. do turtles have arms? ohh.. :s Anyway they are not fixed in a position, they can wiggle around. The back of the turtle is gold with cutouts which looks really pretty too.

If you like this charm, you can get it here for €12.90
OR if you want to enter to win a popin charm, any one of your choice from their website here's how:

1.You must join this blog under the followers tab (at the top of the right sidebar) you can join with 
your twitter, email or blogger account, I will be checking.

2. Follow me on twitter @sammigirl1994

3. Follow popin charms on twitter 

4. tweet out the competition link & prize, and tag @sammigirl1994 in it so I can record it.
OR/AND RT the competition tweets on my profile.

5. Leave a comment below with your twitter name, blog address, or your email etc so I can contact you if you win, you don’t have to do this step but it’s easier for me to contact the winner.

Getting more entries
If you get your friends to enter, get them to leave your email, twitter or blog address in the comments as well as their own and you will get an extra entry for everyone you get to enter this competition. 
If you have a blog or website and you would like to let your readers no about this competition as a blog post etc and send them over to this blog to enter. If you do this, please put your link below and you will receive 10 entries into the draw.
I will put all the names into a draw and contact one of you.

Samantha - @sammigirl1994


  1. This charm is so cute!

  2. I'm just going to create a twitter account and then I will enter, fingers crossed! :D xxxxxxxx

  3. So cute! @princessajf

    1. I have entered you :) you can get an extra entry for each person you get to enter when they leave your twitter name in their comment x

  4. Hey FFH, would love to win a popincharm! @kathdoran1...Sent by @gormalcrafts :-)

    1. Ive entered you:) you can get an extra entry for each person you get to enter when they leave your twitter name in their comment x


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