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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

First Random entry! #Don'tLetThemDimYourLight

Hi! Ive been thinking of ways I can expand this blog, and I think a good idea would be to add a nice idea would be to add a bit where I just talk about whatever, kind of like a diary posts. I don't really know what to write in them yet, but it will be random stuff!

I'll make a start now, today's random entry may get like deep but it's what's on my mind at the moment... remember I'm new to this ;P

Today is the day many kids are having their first day at primary school and secondary school. Today was my little brothers first day at secondary, he didn't want to go because he said he looks silly. I remember that uniform, it's not the coolest :/ The fact hes so short in a mahoosive blazer doesn't help, but I was tiny in year 7 too and I didn't grow properly until year 11. Now when I see people from school, they're like wow, you grew... A lot :S I just think ahaaaa who's short now?! Not Me! I mean I didn't have an easy time at school, I never fitted in. This wasn't everyone obviously, but the other girls were loud, caked in make-up, short skirts, bothered about one thing- boys. They weren't exactly nice to me either, I won't go into it but I hated school!
 Me on the other hand, didn't wear any make -up, and my priority? My education. I didn't make school any easier for myself though, I would just go and sit in the library and read books I wasn't even studying for class. I wasn't bothered about talking to people who don't like me for no reason, I'm not going to change the way I dress, or wear makeup just to fit in.

When I left school I wanted to find something other than education that I was good at. I did a modelling shoot and I loved it! I then did more and started catwalking too, I have catwalked in a show at the London 02 too! I started up this blog too as a way of being creative, and my studies fit in nicely. What does annoy me though is the people who come crawling back, people that was never nice to me. I don't want people to crawl back, I won't let them and I never will. I may not be where I want to be, but it's like we've got a whole life ahead of yourself, live it, not just survive. You may be wandering, woaa this is a deep post! Lately I have re considered a lot of things, thought deeper about things because I lost someone close to cancer, and now someone close has cancer, it's made me realize that anything can happen to anybody so enjoy what you have, love everyone close to you and love the life you live. Don't take anything for granted, just appreciate what you have. I mean, sure, there's lots of thing's I'd want or would love to do but at the end of the day we can only change so much in our life and it's important not to get greedy. Never let anyone dim your light simply because it's shining in their eyes.

 The next random entry could be about anything, they won't all be deep!
Did you have a hard time at school? Have you come far? What have you done anything extraordinary? 
Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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