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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Lion Hotttshit!

I've been overloaded with emails and parcels from companies, which I'm sure you will love!
So I've been pretty busy organizing everything, photographing etc
It was my birthday on Friday, I'm not at college on Friday's which was lucky! :D
I'm going shopping tomorrow to spend my birthday dosh ;)
Also not being at college on Friday was good because I could recover from embarrassment, I won't go into details, but oh my! Never been that embarrassed in my life, my friend was laughing so much her laugh turned silent and she could barely get up the stairs -.-

Anyway... ;)
Here is a parcel from Hotttshit, the jewellery came in a small gift box with a shiny sleeve which completes the look. 

I received a golden Lion bracelet as you can see in the box above. 

I haven;t worn lion jewellery before, to be honest I haven't come across any in store either. I do find this strange as you can buy leopards etc, if anything a Lion is more fierce and fits well with the trends. It looks great worn with studded jewellery/clothing or on it's own as a statement piece.  The bracelet has a lobster clasp which is easy to fasten up yourself, I do find some bracelet to be a little tricky.

The lion medallion was inspired by the Roman time, they used lions commonly for many reasons. 
Many images from ancient times portray lionesses as the fierce warrior protecting their culture, and in many cultures the lion is the emblem of earthly power, strength, dignity, courage, and royalty. It is the king of the beasts and of the jungle. Admiration for the lion's masculine strength and courage caused it to be the insignia of the Roman legions.
Another ancient belief was that the lion slept with its eyes open, being wise and all knowing it could protect even when it's body lay asleep. The lion symbolized courage, royalty, strength, vigilance, justice, valor, fertility, pride, protection, and conquest. Also in the Orient he is believed to protect people from demons... I find this interesting so I thought I would share it with you so you know a bit about Lion's cultural backgrounds :D

I think the quality of this bracelet is really good, especially for the price.
If you believe in all the 'protecting' properties of lion's then this is also a beautiful piece for that. Otherwise, like me I wear it as a statement piece. It would look faboo with a little black dress ;)
I have done a review of Hotttshit's rock paper scissors double ring here if you haven't saw that already.

This bracelet costs $15 and you can get it here
From Hotttshit
Here is Hotttshit's twitter

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What do you think of this bracelet? Do you have any lion jewellery? Have you got any jewellery from Hotttshit?

Samantha - @sammigirl1994

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