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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Customisable Popper Stud Bracelet

I have blogged about Corbico Jewellery's heart and wings pendant necklace once before which you can see here. I love that necklace! :D

This popper stud bracelet came in a blue organza bag. This isn't on their website yet, but it is coming soon! So here's a sneak preview of what is coming! 

The bracelet is different to any I currently own. It's quite chunky, with three poppers/buttons which can be swapped according to your style. The bracelet reminds me of the jewellery I saw in France, Paris.

The poppers are a European fashion 
Some people collect the poppers, I have saw some beautiful, crazy and cute popper beads and it is something I could even see myself collecting, as changing the poppers gives the bracelet a whole new look. As so many people collect them you can even get popper keepers! You can see one here  - definitely a good way of keeping your poppers organised.

My bracelt has a Marilyn Monroe, an owl and a swirled popper with a big gem in the middle.
You could wear the poppers of your families birthstones, to represent your pets, your life, or anything you want. It's your bracelet, where you can create our own style!  

I will post the direct links when they are up in the store, until then it's from Corbico Jewellery store. Corbico have brilliant prices for their products, and they don't compromise the quality! You are at the heart of Corbico, they hand pick each item from around the world to to bring you a unique collection that will compliment your look and bring that individuality.I love Corbico's collection! :D

What do you think? Do you like this bracelet? Do you have a popper bracelet? What do you think of the jewellery and accessories on Corbico's website?

Corbico Jewellery's website is here
Corbico Jewellery's twitter is here

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