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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Graffiti Nail art

Have you ever walked past some graffiti and thought, WOW thats some pretty cool stuff! I am not saying its right (because I don't agree with it at all), but there is some amazing artwork that goes into some of them. I think there should be places, like special walls for them where they can go paint the walls and people can go to look at them if they want to.

Anyway... more to the point. Some graffiti is inspiring, you can take a piece of graffiti and turn it into something new! Theres so many you can find thats pefect to do this!

I don't think the picture really does the nails justice, but anyway; I used graffiti to get this nail art design, again I used LA Colours nail varnish that I was given to do this - these are the main colours I used:
Then the pink and the black fine details are some cheap varnishes I got off of ebay. I will be adding video tutorials to do my nail art once ive got my camcorder, but for now heres the simple instructions :)

1 - paint the whole nail green (u did about three coats)
2 - from the outside to the in, swipe the black cross one side, then do the same for the other so you get a good triangle shape
3 - outline the black triagles with pink paint (nail art pen, coctail stick etc)
5 - add a top coat to keep the nail safe :) 

So what do you think of using graffitti to inspire your nail art? Leave a comment and let me know, and follow/join this blog as theyll be lots of nail art to come! and if you like a good competition checkout this one! - - were giving away a pack of strawberry curls! :) follow me on twitter too- @sammigirl1994

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