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Friday, 13 July 2012

summer hairstyles (video tutorials)

So I can't wait for the summer holidays and decided to show you the hairstyles I think are brilliant for this summer, found some videos and products you should try! from plaits, braids, updo's, waterfall braids, side braids, I'm sure there's something for you! :D
                                                                     Elegant Sidebraid

                                                                     MilkMaid braid

Soft updo

Half Up Waterfall Braid

Stawberry Curls

Comb hair to release tangles and then section off a 1-inch piece of hair. Open the Strawberry Curl curler and wrap the section of hair around the curler starting at the very tip of the hair. Twist the Strawberry Curl lock in place and move to the next section of hair. To avoid curler lines, section hair off randomly, starting at the top of your head and moving to the sides and back. For tight curls, wrap the foam curlers tightly and close to the scalp. For softer more natural- looking curls, wrap the curlers loosely, using larger sections of hair.

Dry your curls using a hair dryer, or let them dry overnight while you sleep!
Untwist the Strawberry Curl curler and gently unroll the foam curlers from your hair one at a time. If a piece of hair snags on the curler, take the time to gently pull the snag free, so you do not damage your hair. Comb through the curls and style! get yours now from and follow them on twitter -

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  1. uu great tutorials..thank you so much, i waste my time on youtube..

    1. your welcome :) and i know, youtube is annoying some times! :P


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