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Thursday, 5 July 2012

store review - boutique to you

I've been asked to post about as a whole, so I accepted and checked their site out... and so did my chick!

Boutique to you sells loads of personalised and handcrafted jewellery and charms which are in fashion at the moment, I mean look at Kate Middleton wearing a personalised bracelet
If the celebs can do it so can we!
And the perfect place to get it is here at take a look below...

Every piece of jewellery is gorgeous! each handmade and there's something there for everybody, as well as jewellery they also have a wide range of gifts that can also be personalised - Checkout that tube of sweets with my name on ;p yumm! You could get gifts for family and friends and it's extra special being personalised.

Got to go now, my chick needs feeding :)
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  1. You have to know that I'm going to check the website I hope I can find cheap stuff because of the shipping thing ;)

    -Iria xx

  2. Hi Iria! theyve got a good range of products! :)


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