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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Welcome Emmy Jewellery! :)

I have had quite a few collaborations undergoing these past couple of weeks and so I would like to welcome Emmy Jewellery to FashionFix Hunter! Checkout their own button on FFH homepage... you know you want to click it ;)

I will be blogging about Emmy Jewellery about once a month at the moment with pictures of me wearing the jewellery so keep a look out for them, they've got great prices and pieces so go take a look here - and heres their twitter- they've got lots of swarovski crystal items, bracelets, necklaces and rings that are all gorgeous!

Emmy Jewellery sell handmade jewellery that are currently themed with butterflies and their theme changes on a regular basis and they can change the colours and designs of their jewellery if you'd like them to, just ask! All jewellery is handmade to order and especially for you

Take a look at the website with the link above or with their portal on FFH's homepage which you can use anytime you visit FashionFix Hunter, then let me know what you think about their products, You'll probably find yourself buying something because their items are well nice! Follow/join this blog and follow me on twitter - @sammigirl1994 and if you love a good comp, checkout the strawberry curls were giving away! (a few posts down)


  1. postingan yang bagus tentang Welcome Emmy Jewellery! :)

  2. Devorah Isenberg

    I feel ecstatic I found you website and blogs.


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